Pizzerias Trending with Twitter

Twitter is an undeniable asset when it comes to promoting your pizzeria. It provides the opportunity for restaurant operators to communicate in real time directly with their customer base.

Keeping up on trends is easy with Twitter’s searchability. Simply use hashtags to find what’s hot in the pizza business. For example, a search using the #pizza hashtag yields top results with pizzerias offering coupons and daily specials. The #pizzatoppings hashtag showcases discussions on a range of favorites from pineapple and mushrooms to pepperoni and sausage. The #pizzasales hashtag includes posts on sales figures including mention of the 5.2 billion servings of pizza Americans purchased last year. (more…)

Pizzerias Profit from Pokémon Go

A few weeks after the release of the wildly popular Pokémon game on iPhones and Androids, businesses have already discovered ways to capitalize from it. Premiering on July 5, Pokémon Go instantly became a national phenomenon.

Utterly smashing Apple Store records with 7.2 million downloads in its first week, it has far surpassed games like Angry Birds, which as a comparison had 2.2 million downloads in its first week.

Pokémon Go is one of a kind when it comes to interactive games because while it is a game played on a phone, the player needs to walk around to actual locations in the real world in order to progress in levels and capture the little creatures called Pokémon. (more…)

Pizzerias Get Saucy with Snapchat

With all of the advertisements being thrown in every direction, it can be difficult to find a niche in the market. Young consumers are especially challenging to target on a local platform as they typically are immersed in what is considered to be “popular”. Local pizzerias have a new way to reach potential customers through the booming app, Snapchat. While Facebook and Instagram are generally easier to reach a wider audience, Snapchat allows a more personalized targeting towards the younger generation.

Custom Snapchat Geotags

Businesses are starting to create their own custom “geotags”, which are simple graphics on Snapchat that only appear when a user is in a specific area at a specific time. They can share it with their friends and spread it like wildfire.


Independents Need to Fight Back to Regain Market Share

Technology a Key Ingredient for Pizzerias

There is something magical about old-school, neighborhood pizzerias, ones that have been family run for generations. They have an undeniable ambiance of warmth and passion.

The rise in technology within the restaurant business has given big brands a significant advantage and they’re grabbing market share from the “Mom and Pop” pizzerias. (more…)

Gluten Free Pizza Becoming Mainstream

From cupcakes to pizza, gluten-free everything has become the breakthrough trend over the past couple of years. Some people genuinely have to avoid gluten due to celiac disease, meaning their bodies cannot digest the protein gluten which is found in wheat, barley and rye.

The estimated true number allergic to gluten is only one percent – or about one million Americans. Another 18 million (about six percent) are categorized as gluten sensitive and should avoid it. The big number is an estimated 30 percent of U.S. shoppers are choosing gluten-free products.  They truly believe that avoiding gluten foods is a healthier option and feel genuinely better without it. (more…)