The Rise of Video Promotion

Establishing and sustaining a presence on social media is vital for pizzerias looking to attract new customers. Self-promotion on various sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, require writing some copy and posting a photo about a new dish or a big sale. While both are effective marketing methods, there is another alluring tool to consider: Creating videos.

YouTube viewership numbers are in the stratosphere … let’s start with one billion. That’s the number of video hours viewed every day of videos on the website. Google still reigns supreme as the largest search engine, but YouTube is quickly catching up as video media overtakes text. The video website recently announced that every day about five billion videos are watched by about 30 million visitors. Video viewing on YouTube has grown by 60 percent in the past year. (more…)

Independents Need to Fight Back to Regain Market Share

Technology a Key Ingredient for Pizzerias

There is something magical about old-school, neighborhood pizzerias, ones that have been family run for generations. They have an undeniable ambiance of warmth and passion.

The rise in technology within the restaurant business has given big brands a significant advantage and they’re grabbing market share from the “Mom and Pop” pizzerias. (more…)

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