Are You Ready for How the Pizza World is Changing?

You might think you know the pizza market, but are you prepared for some profound changes that may occur in 2016?

In reviewing PMQ Magazine’s 2016 Power Report, a number of issues jump out that may give you, the pizzeria operator, a new view of your customer, menu and future. (more…)

Fast Casual Pizza -Eat it Up

Life can seem very complicated as every day, there are seemingly endless choices: what clothes to wear, which roads to take, where to eat for the day, when to exercise and on and on. That’s one of the attractions of fast casual dining, which allows choosing a meal to be immensely easier by laying out all of the options in a straightforward manner.

Make-your-own sandwich places and buffet-style restaurants have been around for years, but Panera Bread and Chipotle were game changers as they raised the bar by offering fresher, higher quality cuisine at reasonable prices.