Supersize Your Pizza Expo Experience and Take Home Pepperoni!

As far as the Pizza Expo®, what happens in Vegas shouldn’t stay in Vegas.  All the new information and cool ideas for your restaurant need to be shared with staff and implemented when you get back to work.

Whether this is your first Pizza Expo or 21st, the show is a huge source of information and a tremendous way to network.  In these days of electronic communication, the age-old and hopefully ageless trade show may offer you the only opportunity to meet like-minded business folks face-to-face.  (more…)

2015 Predictions: Online Ordering, Customization and Sustainability Lead the Way

If 2014 is any gauge, the changes we see in the food industry in 2015 will be coming as fast as a tweet on your mobile device.

This past year, we saw the coming of age of sustainability and environmental concern within restaurants; a commitment to local community became a building block for branding and reputation; fresh foods bought locally repeated the idea of a place that cares about its customers as well as its food; finally, and most importantly, a continuing wave of technology rose to new heights as a form of communication and speed of service. (more…)

Better Pizza will Follow – Burger Mania hits Wall Street

Where’s the beef? You might want to check the stock market.

Shares of West Coast-based burger chain Habit Restaurants (HABT) surged nearly 120% in their market debut Thursday! Why all the fuss for a hamburger joint? This isn’t some sexy tech stock like GoPro (GPRO).

Habit is relatively small, with just 113 Habit Burger Grill restaurants. The majority of them are in California. (more…)

Spicy Is Hot!

We love spicy food.  Right?  The hotter the better … there are some people who are not happy unless the food makes them sweat.

In fact, most people prefer spicy food over mild, which is why pepperoni is the No. 1 topping on pizza.  Pepperoni pizzas are the pies of choice among Americans – eaten in equal quantities as its boring alternative: cheese pizza.  (About 70 percent of pizzas are either cheese or pepperoni.) (more…)

The History of Pepperoni

Like Jazz and baseball, pepperoni is purely an American invention.

And, like those two very American ideas, it permeates our culture.  In fact, pepperoni remains the most popular topping for pizzas in America, being served on more than 35% of all pizza orders. (more…)

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