Supersize Your Pizza Expo Experience and Take Home Pepperoni!

As far as the Pizza Expo®, what happens in Vegas shouldn’t stay in Vegas.  All the new information and cool ideas for your restaurant need to be shared with staff and implemented when you get back to work.

Whether this is your first Pizza Expo or 21st, the show is a huge source of information and a tremendous way to network.  In these days of electronic communication, the age-old and hopefully ageless trade show may offer you the only opportunity to meet like-minded business folks face-to-face. 

So, you need to prepare – follow the old “7 P’s” military adage:  Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.  To maximize the Pizza Expo experience and make sure your investment in money and time is productive; here are a few worthwhile suggestions:

  1. Make a Budget – How much can you spend?  How long will you be there?  You need to pay for your show badge, food, transportation, hotel and of course entertainment, (the show is in Vegas).  Remember though, gambling is not a business expense!
  2. Pre-register – You can save money and time by going online and registering early – the deadline is March 13.  Besides the discount, you won’t have to wait in long lines on the day you get there.
  3. Book your Flight and Lodging Early – While on the Pizza Expo website, check out the partner hotels and airlines that offer deals to attendees.
  4. Make a Packing List – This not only includes clothing and sundries, but also any business materials or equipment you may want to bring.  Make sure you have your computer and mobile phone attachments and power supplies as well as pens, paper and business cards.
  5. Double-check – Make sure your hotel is confirmed and that you have printed confirmations of all travel plans and convention registration.
  6. What are your goals? – Why are you attending the show?  The primary reason may be to view and sample new products.  Explore new POS or technology. Check out the show directory, and write down all the must-see booth numbers.  You can list the company name and booth numbers in an excel spreadsheet. That allows you to “sort” by booth so you can be efficient with your show floor time. Also, contact vendors you want to meet to set up appointments.
  7. Seminars – The Expo has a full slate of educational opportunities.  The keynote address in on the buying habits of Millennials, which is the hot topic in the marketing world right now.  For full schedule of almost 100 classes and seminars, check out the show website.
  8. Read the Trade Pubs – Get up to speed on the marketplace and any news that is happening.  This is not only important for your own expertise, but also to see if there are any new ideas and products.
  9. Check out the Parties and Meetings – Find out who is hosting social events.  Often times you will be contacted ahead of time by vendors or brokers regarding these events.
  10. Wear Comfortable Shoes – It may be nice to put on those new shiny Oxfords that go so well with your Hugo Boss suit, but consider that you will probably be on your feet all day so you may want to go with comfort over style.  These days, business people understand the necessity of comfort.
  11. Stay Connected – Fire up your Twitter and Facebook accounts and post new stuff from the show.  A great way to share new discoveries with friends and customers.
  12. Be Fit and Ready – Get plenty of rest and hit the gym or take a nice walk outdoors before attending the show.  You will be eating a lot of cheese, meat and bread products while at the show so be sure to get a good healthy breakfast before you leave in the morning.
  13. Win Prizes and Friends– What sort of prizes, you ask?  How about 500 lbs. of Premium Liguria Pepperoni? Just stop by the Liguria booth #1313 and sign up to win receive the Newsletter and Pepperoni Give-Away!  And what about the friends?  Well, everyone will want to shake your hand when you win big at the Liguria Foods booth.

The Pizza Expo® is a “must-see” event. Maximize your time and effectiveness by planning ahead.

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