A New York Slice of Mind

An undeniable mecca for pizza, especially its iconic, folded over slice of pie; New York City has long established itself within the pizza world. On almost every block from Central Park to Wall Street, there are pizzerias that offer slices.

If you are a pizza lover visiting New York or living there, discovering the perfect place is just around the corner. My journey to discover the best New York pizza starts and ends in the borough of Brooklyn: (more…)

Personal Pepperoni for Pop

A Special Father’s Day Treat

With Father’s Day around the corner, we’re thinking of ways to let our fathers know just what they mean to us. Practically impossible to convey a lifetime of gratitude within one card, family meals can offer a place for everyone to gather, bond over food, and express the importance of fatherhood. One fun and simple way to get everyone together is with a pizza party. (more…)

Turn on the Spice and Turn up the Sale

More and more Americans these days are enjoying spicy foods. Recent consumer research clearly shows that the desire for heat keeps growing every year. Walk into almost any restaurant, and you’re sure to see new spicy menu items, even salsa has overtaken ketchup as America’s No. 1 condiment.

You could blame it on millennials, the most ethnically and racially diverse demographic group in our nation’s history. They were reared on diverse ethnic foods, which often feature hot and spicy ingredients. They also have adventurous tastes and love trying new foods. Health conscious, they often prefer foods that are organic, locally grown and hormone-free.

The trend toward spicy food is also due to our aging American population. As people get older, their taste buds change, and it takes a little more kick to wake them up. Spicy foods meet that requirement.


More Pepperoni, Please! The Beauty of Online Ordering

The customer benefits of online ordering go well beyond the simple convenience of making ordering easier.


These days, customers expect to be able to order online whether they are driving in their car, walking down the street, or at home or working on their laptop or tablet.  In addition to being able to order their favorite food from their favorite restaurant, there are numerous advantages for your customers when they access an online ordering system. (more…)

Pepperoni: It’s How You Slice It

The difference between good and great pepperoni is all in how you slice it.

Liguria Foods has perfected the science and art of slicing pepperoni.  And that makes sense for a company that specializes in making the world’s most popular pizza topping. (more…)