More Pepperoni, Please! The Beauty of Online Ordering

The customer benefits of online ordering go well beyond the simple convenience of making ordering easier.


These days, customers expect to be able to order online whether they are driving in their car, walking down the street, or at home or working on their laptop or tablet.  In addition to being able to order their favorite food from their favorite restaurant, there are numerous advantages for your customers when they access an online ordering system.

  1. More Pepperoni – Let’s take pepperoni pizza for instance. As the no. 1 topping in the world, pepperoni may not be something you feel you have to promote.  But like almost anything else on your menu, from signature dishes to LTO’s, you can turn your online ordering system into the best marketing platform you have.  Your customers benefit from the deals you offer, or the reminder about your ability to cater an event.
  2. Favorite Meals – When customers log into your online ordering system, they can view previous orders making it fast and easy to select favorite meals or dishes.
  3. No Waiting – Customers never want to wait unnecessarily for their order. The simple beauty of online ordering is customers get what they want, when they want it.
  4. Easy Pay – Customers are usually on the run when they place an online order, so having their credit card information saved is a huge plus.
  5. Complex Orders Made Easy – Let’s face it, in the days of ordering by phone, a customer always wondered if the order taker got it right. This can be especially difficult with a pizza order that not only includes many toppings on either side of the pizza, but many pizzas as well.  Customers choose what they want, so restaurants are no longer on the hook for mistakes in taking an order.

Ultimately, online ordering may be the perfect customer service platform, allowing every foodservice operator the chance to provide excellent, on time, efficient and accurate service to every customer.

What customer wouldn’t like that?

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