Personal Pepperoni for Pop

A Special Father’s Day Treat

With Father’s Day around the corner, we’re thinking of ways to let our fathers know just what they mean to us. Practically impossible to convey a lifetime of gratitude within one card, family meals can offer a place for everyone to gather, bond over food, and express the importance of fatherhood. One fun and simple way to get everyone together is with a pizza party.

Grilling out is a typical thought when it comes to planning Father’s Day dinner, especially with the date falling in the summertime, but create-your-own pizza parties can give everyone the chance to make a meal fitting their specific preference.

You can put out different kinds of cheeses, vegetables, and of course, meat. Meats such as Canadian Bacon or Italian Sausage make excellent pizza toppings, however, pepperoni has a much wider variety of options. Each kind of pepperoni is crafted with a specific taste in mind, so dad can pick and choose based on his preference and personality:dad-pizza1

  • The Classic: Liguria 1974 – The recognizable quality of Liguria’s blend of meat and spices are fitting for a traditional dad who doesn’t go too crazy with toppings. If he enjoys the recognizable and classically delicious pepperoni pizza, this is without a doubt the pepperoni option for him.
  • Spicy: Liguria Rosso – This wild and fun pepperoni is perfect for the fathers who live a little on the edge and aren’t afraid to spice up their taste buds with this hot alternative to the classic pepperoni. Liguria Rosso Spicy pepperoni offers an even greater kick for adventure-seeking dads.
  • Smoky: Liguria Bravo Gusto – Smoked meats are a treasure and this style of pepperoni is unique and special. It is one of Liguria’s newest creations, undergoing a natural process of smoking that any outdoorsy/camping/fishing dad would die for.
  • Healthy Alternative: Liguria All-Natural – This antibiotic-free option will satisfy even the most health-conscious dad. Those who opt for more veggie toppings on their pizzas, but yearned for the sweet smell of pepperoni no longer need to restrain themselves. The decadent, traditional Liguria taste is still overwhelmingly present, so Dad would certainly feel like he is receiving a treat without the guilt of indulgence.
  • Liguria All-Beef – Any father who is used to grilling out in the backyard all summer long will greatly appreciate the beefy goodness that this type of pepperoni beholds. It is a great topping to pair with craft beer and a baseball game.

No matter which kind of father he is, there is a special pepperoni that he will truly enjoy. Between the heartfelt card, mouthwatering pizza, and family, Father’s Day is sure to be a success all around.