Food Safety is No. 1

Liguria Foods seek a variety of third party certifications in order to satisfy the needs of our customers. Food safety is our number one value and we exceed all governmental regulations to give our customers the confidence to buy and re-sell our products. Consumers demand safe food produced in plants where all aspects of transparency and humane treatment of animals and people receive top priority. Liguria Foods receives regular inspections and audits from the USDA and HACCP.


We live in the world, and take many steps to insure that our manufacturing processes use the least amount of resources. We use high-energy efficient equipment and high-pressure water delivery systems to reduce our electric and water consumption. Much of our packaging is recycled and recyclable. We have instituted a number of energy saving innovations and work closely with MidAmerican Energy Company, which is one of the largest producers of power through renewable resources. In fact, wind energy accounts for about 40 percent of their power capacity.


Click the video to learn more about Food Safety at Liguria’s plant.
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