2016 Foodservice Trends: Tech, Healthy Choices, Ethnic Foods Top the

Bacon, farm-to-table, food trucks, craft beers, anything artisan and eco, and everything tech were among the big trends affecting the restaurant industry in 2015.

The challenge is deciphering the trends from the fads. Many ideas start with a niche following, but turn viral as their quality and coolness overtake the masses.

As you look to 2016, you should expect the unexpected.  Still, you have to be prepared for new culinary trends as well as cautionary tales related to logistics, wages, food safety and kitchen management.


Bacon-Mania Sure Smells Good

Bacon, as one comedic food philosopher has said, makes you thirsty … for more bacon.

We couldn’t agree more and are joined by millions who love the smell, taste and comfort of one of America’s great pork products. (more…)

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