Bacon-Mania Sure Smells Good

Bacon, as one comedic food philosopher has said, makes you thirsty … for more bacon.

We couldn’t agree more and are joined by millions who love the smell, taste and comfort of one of America’s great pork products.

Bacon is far from just trendy.  Its popularity extends way beyond breakfast into cupcakes, salads, and chocolate, even non-foods like Band-Aids, T-shirts, flavored lip-balm and decorative roses.  It is truly a national cultural phenomenon.

Of course, we love it on pizza.  Whatever the reason for the increase in its popularity, bacon is no joke but a valuable commodity that adds strength to any pizza menu.  Just recently, Pizza Hut began a national campaign touting pizza crust stuffed with bacon.

As a pizza topping, bacon is best in combination with other toppings, Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizzasuch as chicken, onions, and mushrooms. Some of our favorite recipes are the bacon and egg pizza, the pizza with bacon and caramelized onion, the BLT pizza, and a chicken, bacon and ranch dressing combo.

Liguria’s pre-cooked bacon toppings are popular with pizza operators, who prefer it in this form because of its efficiency, safety and ease-of-use.  Most pizza restaurants use a 33 percent yield, which is optimum for pizzas.  If the bacon is too lean it will burn and is hard to chew.  At 33 percent, the bacon provides the perfect amount of fat and thus taste and texture.

The beauty of pre-cooked bacon is it doesn’t have to be cooked, which reduces labor costs especially considering the time to clean up the mess from the grease.  There is also no risk from cross contamination and there is 100 percent yield with pre-cooked products.  It is so efficient: The bacon goes right from the bag out of freezer or fridge, onto the pizza and ends in a smile on your customer’s face.

The recent rise of bacon may emanate from the protein-based Atkins diet and other meat-based diets in the early 2000’s. From there we saw large restaurant chains like Denny’s promoting “Baconalia” or Wendy’s with its “Baconator” burger.

We like to think it is our greatest comfort food and one of the best ways to top a pizza.

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