A New York Slice of Mind

An undeniable mecca for pizza, especially its iconic, folded over slice of pie; New York City has long established itself within the pizza world. On almost every block from Central Park to Wall Street, there are pizzerias that offer slices.

If you are a pizza lover visiting New York or living there, discovering the perfect place is just around the corner. My journey to discover the best New York pizza starts and ends in the borough of Brooklyn:

New York Pizza Slices

Tourist Famous

Locals regard a wood-fired slice at Juliana’s next to the Brooklyn Bridge as a tourist trap, but it certainly does not disappoint. Their famous slices range from the classic cheese (with Mozzarella dripping down the sides) to an extravagant meat lovers with generous portions of pepperoni and sausage. Once you secure your hot slice or two, walk to the park across the street where you can take in the Manhattan skyline while satisfying your urge. One warning; if you show up around the lunch hour be prepared to wait awhile as the line often wraps around the corner – even on a chilly winter day. 

Manhattan Gem

A favorite high-end pizza spot on Manhattan is Coppola’s in Gramercy Park, where the main draw is homemade Burrata, a fantastic wine list, and over-the-top creative pizzas. Everything is made fresh that day, so the flavors really pop. Slice-wise, try their vodka-sauce pizza, which offers the perfect amount of creamy, mouth-watering sauce and spicy pepperoni with a thin, crisp crust. The prosciutto pizza is covered in fresh arugula and the best prosciutto I ever had. As a side dish, don’t miss tasting their homemade raviolis, which are served with a signature marinara sauce and stuffed to the brim with oozing cheese. 

New York Pizza Slices

Legendary: Saving the Best for Last

The all-time favorite place among the masses is a little dive called Di Fara, located in Midwood in the heart of Brooklyn. Established in 1965, Di Fara is the epitome of old-school Italian-American, utterly crawling with that undeniable New York charm. The pizzaiolos make only a few varieties of pizzas a day. There’s really no menu as the offerings are based on whatever the chef decides to make that day. Again, the freshness in my slice made every bite better than the last one.  

New York Pizza Slices

In the end, I discovered there’s pizza … and then there’s New York pizza. It is all about the folded over, ready-to-eat slice in the Big Apple where it’s pretty hard to find a bad slice – especially if you stick to the authentic pizzerias that have been around for decades. Focused on tradition and family, these classic spots possess a unique atmosphere with chefs and owners who display a true passion for their craft.