Gluten Free Pizza Becoming Mainstream

From cupcakes to pizza, gluten-free everything has become the breakthrough trend over the past couple of years. Some people genuinely have to avoid gluten due to celiac disease, meaning their bodies cannot digest the protein gluten which is found in wheat, barley and rye.

The estimated true number allergic to gluten is only one percent – or about one million Americans. Another 18 million (about six percent) are categorized as gluten sensitive and should avoid it. The big number is an estimated 30 percent of U.S. shoppers are choosing gluten-free products.  They truly believe that avoiding gluten foods is a healthier option and feel genuinely better without it.Regardless of an individual’s reasoning, the gluten-free market is becoming immensely larger and the demand for products without gluten is steadily rising. Pizza, one of the most popular meals, has naturally emerged as a front runner. Whether it is a frozen pizza brand or served at a restaurant, businesses have begun making it a regular option available to customers.

Crust is an essential element to a delicious pizza so quite a few consumers were initially skeptical about the introduction of a crust made without gluten. Many pizza lovers who are either forced or choose to avoid gluten are left with a burning question: Can pizza still taste delicious without gluten?

The answer is a resounding yes. Gluten-free pizza is typically very good. Often, it possesses a flaky, thin crust, rich cheese, and toppings to give it even more flavor. Pepperoni has especially paved the way for better tasting gluten-free pizzas. It adds an undeniable, mouthwatering edge to the taste of the pizza. A delectable pepperoni can transform a bland slice into a gourmet meal.

While businesses are in love with what the demand for gluten-free pizza has brought in terms of revenue, not everyone is 100 percent pleased. Those who have had to deal with celiac disease for many years have reason to feel overshadowed with the fad, as if their disease isn’t real and they’re just being trendy. Their occasional annoyances aside, the movement has ultimately helped bring a wider variety of foods and options into their diet. Looking back even a few years ago, there were not nearly as many delicious gluten-free products on the market.

Gluten-free pizza is a definite game changer in the food world, not even exclusively for profit reasons, but because it allows those who cannot eat regular pizza a chance to enjoy one of the nation’s most adored delicacies.