Pizzerias Trending with Twitter

Twitter is an undeniable asset when it comes to promoting your pizzeria. It provides the opportunity for restaurant operators to communicate in real time directly with their customer base.

Keeping up on trends is easy with Twitter’s searchability. Simply use hashtags to find what’s hot in the pizza business. For example, a search using the #pizza hashtag yields top results with pizzerias offering coupons and daily specials. The #pizzatoppings hashtag showcases discussions on a range of favorites from pineapple and mushrooms to pepperoni and sausage. The #pizzasales hashtag includes posts on sales figures including mention of the 5.2 billion servings of pizza Americans purchased last year. twitter-01

Many pizzerias have already established successful Twitter pages and even amassed impressive followings. But numbers don’t tell the whole story. A large number of followers can be less effective if those users are mere numbers. It’s about engagement with customers that makes a difference.

Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta has three locations in Denver, Colorado. Anthony’s posts their own behind-the-scenes snapshots of employees crafting signature pies and customers enjoying their meals. They have approximately 1,500 followers on Twitter and retweet their photos and positive comments.

Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria has close to a dozen locations around Los Angeles. They are famous for being the pizza place Ellen DeGeneres ordered from during the Oscars® several years ago. Their delivery person was on air and passed out slices of pizza, simultaneously promoting Big Mama’s and Papa’s, as well as making all the attendees happy! Hollywood stars were posting pictures of themselves eating pizza on Twitter, tagging the pizzeria’s Twitter page, and displaying the company’s logo. They have excelled at building up and maintaining a successful Twitter page through high activity, typically consisting of pictures flaunting their unique, larger-than-life sizes of pizza and pasta. They have 7,600 followers and have posted over 1,300 pictures to their account.

Keeping up with all platforms of social media is crucial to promote your business just like Anthony’s and Big Mamas & Papas pizzerias have done successfully. Even if your pizzeria’s Twitter page does not have a substantial following, it is vital to stay present. A large following is not the end-all goal, the purpose is instead to focus on communication with customers and for them to feel like they received speedy and helpful customer service.

Overall, it is essential to not only have a Twitter profile, but to make it a vital source of information for your followers.

Here are THREE easy ways to utilize Twitter for your business:

Create Compelling Content
Whether it’s posting photos, showcasing new products or highlighting top customers and employees, use the 140 characters to tell a story. With Twitter feeds moving so quickly, you need to make followers pay attention to your posts. Make sure to post at least once daily.

Deliver Immediate Customer Service
Users can directly inquire about issues they have with a restaurant or profess their love for the food. Individual searches on pizza purveyors show that numerous businesses are offering “tweet ordering” and responding to customers’ needs within minutes. Be prepared to monitor your account and get back to complaints and compliments immediately. This builds loyalty.

Long-term Brand Development
According to research firm Audiense.com, “67% of Twitter followers are more likely to buy from brands they follow.” Make sure you post your Twitter handle on all marketing materials and build your customer base through in-person contact as well as online referrals.

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