Pizzerias Get Saucy with Snapchat

With all of the advertisements being thrown in every direction, it can be difficult to find a niche in the market. Young consumers are especially challenging to target on a local platform as they typically are immersed in what is considered to be “popular”. Local pizzerias have a new way to reach potential customers through the booming app, Snapchat. While Facebook and Instagram are generally easier to reach a wider audience, Snapchat allows a more personalized targeting towards the younger generation.

Custom Snapchat Geotags

Businesses are starting to create their own custom “geotags”, which are simple graphics on Snapchat that only appear when a user is in a specific area at a specific time. They can share it with their friends and spread it like wildfire.

Find pizza with Snapchat

Geotags are not expensive to rent, generally around $7.00 for a small, local area and you can even purchase one permanently. For example, if a pizzeria has a special on Wednesday, they can purchase a geotag for the surrounding neighborhoods to let people using Snapchat know about the deal. It would be highly effective for pizzerias near universities or high schools that already receive a high influx of sales from younger people that already use Snapchat.

Steps to maximize the benefits of Snapchat:

  • Preparation – It takes a little time, generally a couple of weeks, for a campaign to be approved by Snapchat. You also have to run each one and get it approved separately, so make sure to plan ahead, especially if there is a big sports event or holiday upcoming.
  • Eye Catching Filters – Create a tag that makes a Snapchatter want to use it on their post. Make your promotion and name of the business obvious as well, so that there is minimal room for confusion. Snapchat stories are generally around 10 seconds long thus it is vital to create something that is clear and commanding enough to grab a potential customer’s attention within that short timeframe.
  • Limitations– The larger distance you cover the greater the cost. Plan how far your geotag can extend, so you don’t waste money. Think about places like schools, bars, or shopping malls nearby that young people are most likely to hang out and use Snapchat.
  • Consistency – Once a pizzeria begins utilizing Snapchat, they should keep it up as customers will expect it. Change the graphics occasionally on the geotags, especially catering to seasonal promotions or events like football playoffs and holidays.

For larger pizzerias and chains that extend beyond local, consider creating your own Snapchat account. This allows consumers to follow the restaurant’s daily routines and specials. Occasionally, they can have actual consumers use their Snapchat account to post about their own experiences. Snapchat is emerging as a great tool for pizzerias to target young people. While the popularity of social media platforms popularity can be fleeting, no one can deny that Snapchat is a force to be reckoned with right now.

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