The Holidays are All About Tradition

At this time of year, we look to those things that bring us comfort and enjoyment.  That often means turning to one’s family and friends while creating a festive meal filled with time-honored foods to celebrate.

We all have our favorite traditions during the Holidays.  It harkens back to our childhood when we beamed as we opened presents, or helped Mom in the kitchen to make her favorite stuffing or dessert – the one that was handed down from generation to generation. 

There are many such traditions we rely on during the Holidays:

Sending out holiday cards in the mail or email or posting them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. These are usually filled with family photos where everyone from the kids to the dog wear their favorite and often outlandish Holiday sweaters.

For those who celebrate Christmas, the Christmas tree is the primary gathering place in a home.  It’s often a family adventure just to pick out the tree, then the fun starts: the tree decorating begins with the lights, which can be white or multi-colored or a combination.  Then there are the ornaments – from homemade to store-bought – many have been in the family for generations.  Just decorating the tree together is a great tradition.

In addition to decorating the tree, the latest big trend is major outdoor light displays.  Outdoor lights have become so much more extravagant, as families spend hours (and even days) setting up lights around the house.  What’s even more fun is walking your street or even driving around the neighborhood to peruse what others have done!sq pizza

Perhaps the biggest tradition of all happens in the kitchen.  Prior to the big family meal, there are the hours spent baking.  Sweets are the iconic foods of the Holidays.  Traditional cookies and pies send an aroma throughout the house that only happen at this time of year.

Of course, there is also church service, caroling and so much more. No matter what your form of celebration, the Holidays remain a time of remembrance, festivity and tradition.

There are many other ethnic and religious groups in our vast nation with holidays and traditions this time of year. People that honor Chanukah and Kwanza have special foods associated with their celebrations. When families gather around the kitchen, memories are born. Food is culture.

At Liguria Foods, we have established our own traditions.  It starts with our love of pizza. That is why we strive to make the best pepperoni possible. Our products are made the same way every day with the same ingredients and formulations, we have used for over 30 years.   In the world of pizza, no one says tradition like Liguria Foods.

Happy Holidays to One and All!

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