Pizzerias Take Note: Picnic Time is Pizza Time

It’s summertime and the picnics are easy.

As the weather warms and people turn their thoughts to the outdoors, picnickers are starting to clean up their barbecues in preparation for feasts of hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken.  Yes, these are the standard fare, but surely not the only food on the menu.

As a pizzeria, there is no reason to be on the sidelines. You can take advantage of this great summertime tradition by offers special menus, Limited Time Offers (LTO), promotions and special delivery options.

With summer in mind, here are some great picnic ideas to offer customers during the summer months:

  1. Baguette-style Hero sandwiches – Whether with Italian cold cuts or as a classic meatball or nouveau veggie sandwich, extra-long sandwiches can feed a huge crowd while spicing up the party.
  2. Deliver to the Park – Offer a special delivery dedicated to picnics. Give a picnic discount; provide picnic-style tablecloths and all of the cutlery and servingware needed for the party.
  3. Summertime Picnic Specials – Turn summer squash, plum tomatoes, fresh basil and other seasonal veggies and herbs into Picnic Pizza Specials. Offer cool, sweet fruit salads and watermelon as unique outdoor desserts.
  4. Mini-Pizzas – How about a mini-Mexican-style pizza made on a corn tortilla with crumbled sausage or a Hawaiian-style with ham and pineapple? Feature as a great BBQ appetizers – perfect for picnics.
  5. Burger and Hot Dog Pizzas – That’s right, dozens of pizzerias have added hamburger pizzas to their menu mix. And of course, there is the obvious and delectable option of adding sausage and even all-beef hot dogs as pizza toppings.  Have fun with this idea and make it a summertime special.
  6. Picnic LTO’s – Turn any one of the above menu ideas into Fourth of July Specials or Weekend LTO’s. Give a discount to picnickers and party planners based on volume and help them celebrate their outdoor events.
  7. Barbecue Pizza – Provide all of the fixings and even a recipe for barbecuing pizza on an outdoor grill. Don’t forget the pepperoni!

For those who are looking for a BBQ pizza recipe, here is one we like which you can offer to your picnic customers:

Ingredients:  Pizza crust, cheese, tomato sauce and the toppings of your choice


  1. Fire up the BBQ. Make sure it is hot but try to keep the temperature around 250 degrees if possible.
  2. Use a flat hot plate and place it on the grill. (You can grill pizza directly on the grill but it gets a bit dicey to keep it from slipping through the grates.) You can also use a cast iron skillet.
  3. Make your dough and even pre-cook it if you like.
  4. Place toppings in pre-portioned packets. We like pepperoni and sausage but any number of veggies and other toppings can be offered. Having pre-cooked meat is the best way to go.
  5. Spread toppings on the pizza crust.
  6. Place pizza on hot barbecue. The beauty of barbecue pizza is the smoky flavor and crisp crust but be very careful not to overcook or burn it.  So keep a watchful eye at all times. This should not take more than 7-10 minutes depending upon the fire.