Pizzerias Make a Difference by Giving Back to Their Communities

One could say that pizzerias do their part for the community by providing a comfortable place for family and friends to gather, eat delicious food, and talk about how their day went. It is often a fun, casual environment where everyone feels a warm welcome, as if they were at home.

But many take the next step and immerse themselves deeper into the community by donating and giving back. Pizzerias have established charities or hold fundraisers as a way to contribute to supporting their hometown, local non-profits and those in need.

Investing in athletics is a timeless example of giving back. Sponsoring the local Little League, soccer or basketball teams can be an excellent way to demonstrate commitment to the community. Youth sports unite local families around one central theme, similar to the atmosphere at a pizzeria on a busy Friday night.


Not only are the restaurants supporting local children playing sports, but they are also getting their name out to fans and families. Often, the teams and parents head to their sponsors establishment after the game to grab a slice or two. It is a reciprocal relationship, benefitting all involved.

Some pizzerias have taken giving back to a whole new level, branching out from supporting local children to supporting local heroes. Firehouse Subs offers the paragon of how restaurants can help their communities.

The quick-service restaurant chain with more than 1,000 locations across North America, established the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation to provide funding to police and fire departments. The foundation has donated more than $20 million to help public service programs across the country by funding equipment, disaster relief and much more.  Recently after the opening of Firehouse Sub restaurant no. 1,000, the foundation donated $1 million to fund 1,000 Automated External Defibrillators.

Rosati’s Authentic Chicago Pizza has taken an uber-local approach to give back to their restaurant communities. Their approach is to partner with local groups and non-profit organizations to share profits from pizza sales. Rosati’s provides the pizza and the non-profits sell them at charitable events, keeping a portion of the sales. Rosati’s also has a charity gift card program which provides the opportunity for fundraising for local charities of choice.

As a thriving, local business it is immensely important to share your success and give back to your community.  It’s a chance to build goodwill and make your hometown a little better place to live. It’s really the perfect win-win.

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