Pizza and Thanksgiving

Everyone’s main focus in November is to surround themselves with family, friends, and inherently dive into the annual Thanksgiving feast. While turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce are the staples on Thanksgiving, pizza has become more and more associated with the holiday.

Quietly sandwiching Thanksgiving are two of the biggest days of the year for pizzerias. This phenomenon should be no surprise … It’s the usual reasons why pizza is America’s no. 1 comfort food: it’s fast, easy, convenient and unbelievably delicious and satisfying!

The day before, and the day after Thanksgiving are fantastic times to eat pizza. All the preparation, actual cooking, and of course, the dreaded cleaning up after Thanksgiving meal, entails a huge amount of work. Instead of taking precious time away from Thanksgiving prep, families find it easier to order food the night before the big day.

As a result, pizza on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving has become the busier of the two days. In fact, a spokesperson for Dominos stated that the chain expects to sell around one million pizzas on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The company even names the day before Thanksgiving as their biggest day of the year for sales aside from the Super Bowl.

Once the celebrations have begun to simmer down on Friday, focus turns onto copious amounts of deals for consumers. And why not? It is Black Friday.

Turkey leftovers are the obvious go-to on the Friday following Thanksgiving, but it can be overwhelming having it for turkey-pizzaboth lunch and dinner. Many pizzerias feel they should stay in line with the busy shopping day and offer discounts and specials.

For example, Marco’s Pizza in Toledo, Ohio offers $5 whole pizza deals on Black Friday. Discounts like this will catch the eye of all the bargain hunters. Consumers who are standing in never-ending lines outside of malls can keep warm and satisfied with a hot pizza while waiting to shop.

Independent and local pizzerias are also offering deals with Thanksgiving leftover-themed pizzas, which have become a big hit. Some restaurants even offer it as a Limited Time Offer during the whole month of November or simply just on Black Friday. They include everything from leftover veggies, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and turkey, of course. Combining the joy of pizza with the comfort of a Thanksgiving feast is a delicious mixture of flavors.

Overall, ordering a pizza prior and following the festivities simplify the prep and clean-up process. Turkey feasts are tedious and messy work, and can prove to be a nice relief to eat some pizza amidst the holiday chaos. Regardless of holiday plans, preferences, or place, the most important aspect of Thanksgiving is gathering around the table with loved ones to share your lives over a meal. Pizza has become a very popular addition to the tradition of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving.

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