Pie Five Rolls Out Extra Meaty Pizza

Starting October 27, customers at Pie Five Pizza will be able to add more meat to their day with the Italian Meatza Pizza. This extra meaty pie is bringing together members of the cured meat family with Italian sausage, bacon, salami, and pepperoni bubbling up through a Mozzarella blanket over a marinara blend.

“We love creating new flavor profiles for our guests, and the Italian Meatza Pizza brings the best of four delicious meats to the table,” says Patty Scheibmeir, vice president of R&D and product innovation for Pie Five Pizza Co. “Our guests get excited about our limited-time specialty pizzas—it gives them options to try something new and even modify them to their taste—at Pie Five we’re all about the individual.” read more … http://bit.ly/1LZKb1H

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