Perfect Pizza Party to Celebrate Summer

As the end of summer approaches, the number of days left to gather friends and family for one last summertime party is rapidly shrinking. Refreshing drinks, catchy music, great company, and favorite bites to be enjoyed outdoors complete the bash.

While barbecuing is inherently regarded as the classic cuisine at functions for this time of year, pizza parties are another delightfully savory option.

Barbecuing is often a one-person job, with someone manning the grill and others occasionally aiding or coming by to chat. With pizza parties, the environment is more social and a team effort.

An assembly line of sorts is created, with party goers sharing all the prep work: Rolling out the dough, spreading out the sauce, sprinkling on the cheese, decorating the pie with an assortment of toppings, and finally, cooking the pizza. Spreading everything out on a large table and organizing each station allows for a smooth pizza making process.

When it comes to toppings, always go big. Everyone has a different personal preference regarding what to put on top of the pizza, so it is beneficial to set out as many variations as possible. Different cheeses like Mozzarella, Parmesan, and goat cheese help liven up the pie.

Pepperoni offers another way to give everyone a say in the pizza. Liguria Foods has 25 different varieties of pepperoni – spicy, smoky, traditional, all-natural – there’s a flavor for every taste or mood.

It is also fun to put out some obscure toppings such as anchovies, potato chips or even incorporate summer barbecue flavor with some chicken, grilled onions, or hamburger bits. There is no time like an end-of-summer party to get a little creative and enjoy oneself.

Perfect Pizza Party

Depending on the situation and the size of the kitchen, it may be easier to forego the assembly line and instead, have the guests create their own pizza start to finish. This is a better option if there are a lot of children at the party. Kids especially love to create their own personal pies, forming animal ears with the dough and faces with the toppings.

Those who are serious pizza lovers might be interested in purchasing an outdoor pizza oven or a pizza stone to cook the pizza on in their existing oven. Pizza ovens truly do produce the best quality pies, instantly elevating one’s status as the tastiest house in the neighborhood.

With the pending start of school and cooler weather, celebrating delicious food and fantastic company with a pizza party puts a memorable capper on the summer and sets a perfectly saucy tone for the remainder of the year.

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