New Study has “Revealing” Take on Pizza Lovers

Here was an interesting survey question: If you had to choose, would you give up sex or pizza for a period of one year?

A recent study of Millennials and their relationship to pizza, found that the allure of the pie is greater than that of the body for over six million adults or about eight percent of pizza lovers. That’s what we call a dedicated group.

Conducted by Smart Flour Foods and The Center for Generational Kinetics, the study (“Pizza Lovers in America 2015: Unexpected Findings from a Generational Look at Pizza Trends”) focused on the eating habits of pizza lovers.

Studying pizza consumption makes sense since one in eight Americans eat it every day. In fact, about 72 percent say it is all right to eat it for breakfast and dinner. The pizza industry in the U.S. has grown to more than $37 billion in sales and there are more types of pizza served in more kinds of venues and ordered in more types of ways than ever before. Therefore, it constantly warrants analysis and rethinking.

Perhaps the most interesting finding of that study is that 63 percent of pizza lovers are women. That may surprise a lot of us who thought that most pizza lovers were young, male and somewhat overweight; in other words, a frat guy chomping on a slice while standing next to a keg of beer.

If anything, the study showed that pizza demographics are more diverse, discerning and sophisticated than ever before.

Consider that 77 percent prefer pizza with natural ingredients and that Millennials, the new driving purchasing force, seek out gluten-free options in both their restaurant and frozen pizza varieties.

In keeping with our increasing dedication to improving our health, 68 percent of pizza customers are also regulars at the gym where they workout at least twice a week.

Such findings should have a profound effect on the menu development and marketing of pizza restaurants. What are you doing to target women? Do you have a gluten-free alternative on your menu? Are you using higher quality meats and pepperoni? Have you seen Liguria Foods new anti-biotic free pepperoni? Have you ever thought of partnering with your local health club?

At the very least, you can continue to do the things that make yours the sexiest pizza in town.

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