All Natural and Organic Options Emerging for Pizzerias

When people picture the perfect pizza, they might imagine a deep-dish Chicago slice covered in various meats, a thin crust Margherita slice straight out of Italy, or a massive folded-over slice of Brooklyn pie. Regardless of personal preference over the ideal pizza, most consumers can agree that they’d appreciate their slice to contain quality ingredients. Which for today’s pizza lovers means natural or organic ingredients.

European consumers have always associated fresh and natural with quality; Americans are slowly learning as demand for organic products has skyrocketed in recent years. Organic food sales reached $47 billion in 2016, an increase of 8.4 percent over the previous year. Although organic food sales account for about five percent of the total U.S. food sales, the growth is very different from the stagnant 0.6 percent growth rate for the overall food market.  Recent studies indicate the market for organic foods will rise to $320 billion by 2025.

Pizzerias are now offering healthier topping options to win over new customers. There’s an inherent positive reaction when seeing something labeled as “organic or all-natural,” so restaurants can play up the improved food quality and long-term health benefits. In addition, many consumers, especially Millennials, view it as socially moral or even elite to purchase organic products. And they’ll pay more. A recent study by Technomic showed that 34 percent of households are willing to pay more for gourmet ingredients on their pizza. In other words, items such as organic toppings, sauces and dough are rising in demand.Natural

Besides all-natural, the other mainstream trend is gluten-free crusts – these are now appearing on almost everyone’s menus. Whether the customer has an actual medical claim advising them to avoid gluten or if they are doing it for societal reasons, gluten-free pizza is here to stay. Not far behind is consumer interest in anything “vegan,” “local” and “Non-GMO.”  It’s all driven by consumer demand to know what they’re eating and wanting to be healthier and sustainable.

Needless to say, this will all lead to even more innovative pizzas, doughs, sauces and meats. Liguria Foods offers all natural, uncured pizza toppings. They contain no nitrates, nitrites, BHA, or BHT food preservatives and are impeccably delectable. Liguria has spicier all-natural options like the Prima Qualita as well as the large diameter All-Natural Deli Pepperoni. Satisfying a range of preference, Liguria’s all-natural pepperoni takes quality to another level. Healthier, higher quality ingredients do not equate to a pizza being completely stripped of flavor. If done correctly, they can only elevate the taste and elevate your business.