Restaurants Turn to Google to Make More Dough

In an era where everything is digital and instantaneous, traditional marketing platforms are so yesterday: Television commercials get fast-forwarded, Yellow Page books are thrown out, and telemarketers are hung up on. Instead of advertising to such broad groups, pizzerias both small and large are using a more targeted approach to connect with customers through Google advertisements and searches.

Getting found on Google is probably the no. 1 priority for any business, especially for restaurants. Consider that a study revealed that 51 percent of all mobile searches on Google are for restaurants. When people are searching on Google, they are interested in the product or service RIGHT NOW. They’re in buying mode, so as a business you want to be found and clicked on.

Google offers businesses two ways to be discovered: First, in the natural or organic search results. And second, as an ad located at the top and bottom of the page or along the right side. The ads are charged on a pay-per-click model, so a business only pays when the ad is clicked on. This allows a business to control costs and only pay for real leads.

The other significant difference between advertising on Google versus the traditional ad options of the past is the accountability. Every click on a Google ad can be tracked and verified. Imagine trying to figure out how much business you get from a billboard? Google feedback provides detailed, measured reports of every click, allowing advertisers to hone in on their customer base without wasting money on ads that miss their target audience.

However, just because pizzerias invest in Google advertisements does not ensure they will be the first option displayed during a search. The ads are set up as an auction where advertisers bid on a keyword and the order in which the restaurants appear depends on a few factors. Relevance is one of the most important aspects of Google search as even a slight word change in a query can affect search results. Popularity is also a factor as ads in a lower position which receive more clicks, will be given higher profile.

Google Advertising

While paying for Google advertisements is extremely helpful in reaching a customer base and getting a pizzeria’s name out there, optimizing a website for regular Google searches is lucrative as well. Making sure a website can be found and receive top billing in the natural search is a sure way of gaining new customers. In this way, Google is helping businesses advertise for free.

Google has become one of the top promotional vehicles for many restaurants. Even with a limited advertising budget, Google has become the new phone book – the first-place consumers look when searching for a service or product. In our opinion, if you Google “Grow My Business,” the top response will probably be: Advertise on Google.


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