Liguria Foods Launches New Website

Contact:  Leonard Sbrocco
Phone:  707-364-7292

Liguria Foods Launches New Website

Humboldt, IA – September 8, 2015 – Liguria Foods is pleased to announce the release of a new website, designed with an exciting look, vivid images, user friendly navigation and detailed information about our pepperoni and meat toppings.

The product photographs set the tone for the website, allowing visitors to see and almost “taste” Liguria’s family of flavors which include: More than 20 types of pepperoni and a variety of pizza toppings and deli meats. 

One of the more popular sections based on recent user activity is the “Find a Distributor” search tool, which allows pizza and deli operators to locate distributors in their area. There’s also an “Order Samples” section providing visitors the opportunity to request Liguria products.

“Our new website showcases all our products and provides potential customers with clear calls-to-action,” said Joe Henry, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Liguria Foods.  “In the short time the site has been live, we have already seen a huge increase in traffic.”

The new website design has been optimized for clear viewing and easy navigation on tablets and smart phones. The website can be accessed at:

For more information or to request samples, contact Liguria Foods at

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Liguria Foods, Inc. provides premium quality dry sausage toppings, including what many consider to be the market’s best-tasting pepperoni. Since its founding in 1974, Liguria Foods has been dedicated to the foundation of recipe formulation. The classic recipe combines distinctive spices, enticing color, and a consistent blend of meats, providing customers with the same performance and flavor every day. The dedicated production process merges the best modern technology with traditional touches like a redwood drying room, resulting in consistently delicious products. For 40 years, Liguria Foods has provided pizza lovers with enjoyable, memorable dining experiences, sharing a passion for the best-tasting pepperoni and Italian meat products.

At Liguria, we produce high quality pepperoni that makes every pizza taste better.

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