Leading Pizzeria Operators Say It’s OK to Raise Your Prices

It’s hard to find good help these days—and that’s not just a tongue-in-cheek cliché. It’s an increasingly common lament from pizzeria owners and other restaurateurs. With unemployment low nationwide and some cities and states raising the minimum wage, many pizzeria owners are struggling to attract high-quality employees they can afford—while others find they need to pay more to retain the ones they’ve got. And general operating expenses—from food costs to rent—never seem to go down, just up. So what’s a struggling operator to do?

In this exclusive video interview with PMQ, Romeo’s Pizza founder Sean Brauser explains how to raise your prices. – http://www.pmq.com/September-2017/Leading-Pizzeria-Operators-Say-Its-OK-to-Raise-Your-Pricesand-Heres-How-to-Do-It/


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