Forbes – Competition Heats Up Among Pizza Restaurants

Interesting article in Forbes regarding slowing pizza sales – Liguria can help with superior pepperoni.

The pizza restaurant industry generates $39 billion in revenue in the US, according to IBIS World and other sources. Yum Brands YUM +0.81% Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s and Little Ceasar’s account for 25% of overall industry sales, leaving plenty of room for the countless others. PMQ’s 2015 Pizza Report notes that independent shops (defined as 10 stores or less) also are key.

But the challenges for big and small shops are real and growing, as demonstrated by the industry’s mere .2% growth from 2010-15 noted in a report from The NPD Group’s Supply Track.

Stagnant growth is curious given a 2014 USDA NHANES report  that found from 2007-10, 1 in 8 Americans, or 13% of people over the age of 2 years, consumed pizza on any given day. NHANES also found that boys under 19 overall consumed more pizza than adults. The NHANES stats got plenty of press and prompted various responses–everything from the obvious on how Americans love their pie to the intriguing, outlining  the USDA’s role in promoting pizza consumption.While the latter wasn’t groundbreaking given the USDA’s seemingly contradictory role of establishing dietary guidelines and promoting industry, like meat and dairy, the survey’s timing was sobering given ongoing discussions surrounding consumers’ health-related costs. read more –

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