Email Marketing – Great Way to Increase Sales

In our digitally-focused world, having a presence online is vital for any business to succeed. Establishing a seamless system where a pizzeria’s website is linked to its social media accounts is an indirect way to cement an online presence. A more direct way is to promote to your customers using email marketing.

There’s no more straightforward approach than to send messages to potential customers on their cell phones, laptops, desktops and tablets. It’s touching them individually, comparable to calling them directly. email is extremely cost-efficient and has become easier than ever. A paperless way of distributing flyers, email can let previous customers quickly know about upcoming promotions or specials.


According to Brandon Hull at, the following diagram is an excellent way to structure an email to a restaurant’s customers:



Following the design can act as a helpful blueprint for restaurants when writing an email promotion. Some other suggestions for email marketing include:


  • Receive Permission First: Emailing an individual without the proper consent can be rather off-putting and illegal. The easiest way to collect emails is through your online ordering platform. Or just ask customers when they’re paying the bill if they would share their email for future promotional opportunities and savings. However, it is not always accomplished simply by asking. As an incentive, pizzerias offer an automatic coupon for something simple yet appealing, such as a free slice of pizza, if customers grant permission. One simple coupon could give the business direct access to a long-term relationship.
  • Be Simple and Short: It is best to avoid sending email attachments … ever. Customers are less likely to view something that is sent in an attachment because it takes more effort to read. The attachment could also be automatically blocked in an individual’s settings, completely closing the door to any communication. By following the design above, you quickly make your point. Most people are scanning any ads and want to see the deal, and that’s it. They’ll decide in an instant to act or delete. And speaking of brevity, sending promotions once a week has become an acceptable standard.
  • Show Off a Bit: Chefs should flaunt their creations in appealing ways. Sending images of your food that customers have posted on social media will demonstrate its popularity and appeal. Pizzerias will still want to draw in customers to the restaurant itself and not just the food. They want people to come in and sit down for a meal as well as order out. It is important to have a balanced email that not only details how excellent the cuisine is, but also shares the comfortable, appealing atmosphere of the restaurant.

Email marketing should not be thought of as incessant and unavoidable spam. Instead, a business should take advantage of the platform by constructing clear, professional, and creative emails to reach out to their customer base. There are numerous easy-to-learn email platforms to choose from – iContact, Constant Contact, MailChimp to name a few. They keep it simple so you can spend more time taking care of the customers in person and making delicious food.