Celebrating National Pizza Month in Style

After a long, hot summer, October is finally here. It is a transition month, showcasing falling leaves, cozy nights, pumpkin carving, and spooky costumes. However, its real claim to fame is October is also designated National Pizza Month. (Yes, pizza claims not just one day but an entire month.)

National Pizza Month was first created in October, 1984, by Gerry Durnell, the publisher of Pizza Today magazine. He came up with the idea to celebrate the beloved pie and to recognize the potential for growth in the pizza industry.

Ever since, all kinds of pizzerias have taken part by creating special deals and throwing parties. Ranging from large pizza chains such as Domino’s to small, local pizzerias, every business owner in the industry can get involved through a variety of promotions.



It is likely that customers would be even more inclined to visit your pizzeria during National Pizza Month, especially when there are exclusive events or deals. Pizzerias across the United States and Canada can utilize the following ideas during this celebratory month:

Giving Back:  Many pizzerias hold fundraisers for charities and non-profits, which also serve to build their brand and introduce more people to their pizza. Local pizzerias especially have the opportunity to focus on an issue within their town, like raising money for local schools or sports teams. National Pizza Month presents the opportunity for pizzerias to reach out to their customers and show that they are invested in making delicious pizza as well as giving back to the community.

Get Creative: National Pizza Month also gives pizzerias the chance to play around with their menu and have some fun. For example, Mama Mia! is a pizzeria in Texas that commemorated the month by making a rattlesnake meat pizza. They even made t-shirts that said “I ate the snake” so that customers could remember and advertise the experience. Tying in Halloween is another way to jumpstart creativity, such as constructing pizzas with haunted themes: Pizzas covered with mushrooms that look like ghosts, dessert pizzas with gummy worms, and even broom-stick shaped breadsticks.

Deals, Discounts, and Specials: Another way to attract consumers during National Pizza Month is to offer a range of discounts. For example, pizzerias can serve free garlic knots or breadsticks to families who come and dine in at the restaurant. National Pizza Month is about the pizza itself of course, but it is also about enjoying family and friends in a fun, friendly environment. Encouraging customers to come to the restaurant, instead of getting pizza delivered or picking it up, is a much more personable experience and it will leave people with a positive view of the pizzeria.

While most people hardly need a designated month to appreciate pizza, National Pizza Month provides a platform for pizzerias to develop promotions they might not have offered before.

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