The Healthy Side of Pizza

Can the world’s favorite comfort food be good for you? As more and more people are searching for healthy, natural, and organic meals, restaurant operators need to feed this frenzy by marketing their pizzas as a delicious and healthy option.

When you think about the base ingredients of pizza – cheese and antioxidant-rich tomatoes – and add in nitrate-free meats and vegetable toppings, there’s the basis for a healthy meal. Pizzerias need to promote the healthy side of pizza to their customers, including:

Whole wheat and gluten-free crusts (and the thinner the better)
Fresh vegetables chopped or sliced daily
• Tomato sauce made in-house
Organic ingredients locally grown and sourced
• 100% real mozzarella cheese
Nitrate-free meats
Dairy-free pizzas to suit customers with special dietary needs

To help pizza operators respond to customers’ shifting preference toward healthy, fresh food, Liguria Foods has developed three varieties of natural, nitrate-free pepperoni, including the classic Liguria All-Natural, Liguria Prima Qualita, which is available as spicy, smoked or regular, and Liguria Anti-Biotic Free. As with all Liguria products, the nitrate-free pepperoni is made from the freshest ingredients sourced from long-time local area farms.16_1364929377

If you are placing healthier options on your menu, such as Liguria All-Natural Pepperoni, be sure to let your customers know: Put colorful images of fresh ingredients on your menus and table tents; add a gluten free or organic section to your menu; tell customers where your ingredients are sourced; ask for feedback, and then spread the word on social media.

Pizza is hands down America’s favorite fast food. Healthy options provide a real opportunity for growth in every pizza operator’s business.