Celebrating National Pizza Month in Style

After a long, hot summer, October is finally here. It is a transition month, showcasing falling leaves, cozy nights, pumpkin carving, and spooky costumes. However, its real claim to fame is October is also designated National Pizza Month. (Yes, pizza claims not just one day but an entire month.)

National Pizza Month was first created in October, 1984, by Gerry Durnell, the publisher of Pizza Today magazine. He came up with the idea to celebrate the beloved pie and to recognize the potential for growth in the pizza industry. (more…)

Take Full Advantage of Yelp to Increase Business

Make Yelp Your Best Friend

Reviews on Yelp can be a restaurant owner’s best friend or its worst enemy. Let’s be honest, the business owners who like Yelp have a good following, while the restaurant operators who complain about the site, have received bad reviews.

Even if an establishment is popular, has amazing service and excellent cuisine, a few bad reviews can paint the entire place in a negative light. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the Internet can be a breeding ground for entitlement. (more…)

Pizzerias Get Saucy with Snapchat

With all of the advertisements being thrown in every direction, it can be difficult to find a niche in the market. Young consumers are especially challenging to target on a local platform as they typically are immersed in what is considered to be “popular”. Local pizzerias have a new way to reach potential customers through the booming app, Snapchat. While Facebook and Instagram are generally easier to reach a wider audience, Snapchat allows a more personalized targeting towards the younger generation.

Custom Snapchat Geotags

Businesses are starting to create their own custom “geotags”, which are simple graphics on Snapchat that only appear when a user is in a specific area at a specific time. They can share it with their friends and spread it like wildfire.


Lower Oil Prices Lead to Big Dough for Pizzerias

Pizzeria owners will see a different type of dough rising this year as commodity prices continue to drop leading to an opportunity for higher profits.

The price at the pump may not bode well for Wall Street, but it should boost profits at pizzerias.

Gas prices dropped to an average of $2 per gallon nationally which is great news for your pizza delivery costs.  This compares to a price of $3.34 per gallon just two years ago. (more…)

Students and Their Love of Slices

From one of our Millennial teammates – With only ten minutes to purchase and eat my lunch before my next class begins, I find myself more often than not choosing pizza without even realizing I had made the same lunch decision yesterday and the day before. Between the ease and price of grabbing a quick slice, pizza has become a delicious and filling necessity for college students.

On my campus, we have a classic brick pizza oven that fills the entire cafeteria with enticing smells that attracts everyone. In fact, the pizza and pasta line is always the longest line of them all. But how did pizza emerge as the No. 1 meal for college students? (more…)