The Holidays are All About Tradition

At this time of year, we look to those things that bring us comfort and enjoyment.  That often means turning to one’s family and friends while creating a festive meal filled with time-honored foods to celebrate.

We all have our favorite traditions during the Holidays.  It harkens back to our childhood when we beamed as we opened presents, or helped Mom in the kitchen to make her favorite stuffing or dessert – the one that was handed down from generation to generation.  (more…)

Liguria Foods – December 2014 Newsletter

The Liguria Foods December newsletter is out, please click the link below to read about the following topics:

  • Happy Holiday’s: Topping Off the New Year in Style
  • Customer Profile: Hideaway Pizza- The Big Kahuna of Pizza
  • Product Showcase: Liguria Sliced Pepperoni
  • Protein Market Outlook
  • Pizza News Briefs

Liguria Newsletter December 2014


Better Pizza will Follow – Burger Mania hits Wall Street

Where’s the beef? You might want to check the stock market.

Shares of West Coast-based burger chain Habit Restaurants (HABT) surged nearly 120% in their market debut Thursday! Why all the fuss for a hamburger joint? This isn’t some sexy tech stock like GoPro (GPRO).

Habit is relatively small, with just 113 Habit Burger Grill restaurants. The majority of them are in California. (more…)

Pizza and Technology

These days, to run a great pizza operation, you need to be up on the latest technology. So, just like you need a great pepperoni (like our new Liguria Bravo Gusto), you need a great integrated technology system.

Pizza operators, more than any other segment of the restaurant business, are at the forefront of technology.  Pizza has led in the areas of delivery, online ordering, advanced POS systems and a variety of social media to connect to their customers.  (more…)

It’s Cool to Be Square

Remember those rectangular pizzas you ate in the school cafeteria?  They probably didn’t taste as good as the ones you ate at home or at your favorite pizza parlor. But you gobbled them down just as easily, because they were pizza.

Those pizzas had to be angular because that was the shape of the largest section of your cafeteria tray.  It was inventive, but not because the cafeteria cooks were being creative or having fun. In the cost-effective environment of a school, square or rectangular pizzas were actually a way to save money. (more…)