Smoky AND Popular

We are always looking for the latest trend, but this time the latest trend found us.

The Trend: Smoked Food

The Product: Our new Liguria Bravo Gusto

Liguria Bravo Gusto is the answer to a smoky food lover’s prayers.  It is a premium pepperoni with just the right amount of smoke and spice. Our research and development department anticipated the move towards smoked foods and came up with Liguria Bravo Gusto.

As we all know, bacon has been the darling of foodies for a while but Liguria_ProductFamilyit may be getting pushed aside by the desire for smoked foods.  The Wall Street Journal noted in an article, “Move Over Bacon: Foodies Just Want Smoke,” that restaurant chefs and home cooks are trending more towards smoked meats and dishes.  You can now start your meal with a smoked drink and end it with smoked desserts.  Chefs refer to the smoky flavor as the “invisible spice” saying you can’t feel it or touch it, but you can sure taste it!

Thus, our development of the smoky, spicy Bravo Gusto pepperoni is perfectly timed for you to take advantage of this growing trend.

Completely authentic, Liguria Bravo Gusto undergoes a natural smoking process that serves to stimulate the taste buds in a way that other pepperoni cannot do.  Its flavor is infectious and delicious that after one taste, it leaves a desire for more.

The beauty of Bravo Gusto, other than its wonderful smoky flavor, is that pizza makers can now offer their customers a great alternative that is thoroughly genuine, yet highly original.

Many pizzerias are using outdoor grills this summer. Smoked pepperoni is the perfect ingredient to tie-in smoked and smoked. Market “Campfire Pizza” to create a fun difference. You can tie-in s’mores for desert and really get the kids asking to come back for more.

In addition, use smoked cheeses to compliment your recipe. A little smoked provolone or smoked Gouda goes a long way in your mozzarella to pump up the flavor. Ditto grilled onions, grilled peppers and BBQ sauce base. If you don’t grill outdoors, be certain to use a pizza stone to impart additional smoky flavor notes.

Liguria Bravo Gusto is now part of the Liguria family of high quality pepperoni, which includes Liguria Rosso, Rosso Spicy, the milder Gratifica, and the original flagship: Liguria.