Preserving Pizza Memories

One of our younger staff members contributed this blog – the pizza industry would not exist with the love and support of young people. Enjoy!!

There is an undeniable connection between food and family. In my very Italian family at least, food is the constant centerpiece of every gathering. From my grandmother’s incredible Chicken Parmesan recipe to our tradition of homemade ravioli’s on Christmas Eve, meals mean more than mere sustenance. The process of shopping together for the ingredients, preparing the meal, and finally enjoying dinner is a bonding experience that is passed down from generation to generation.

Pizza has especially been a focal point for my family. When possible, Friday nights are reserved as homemade pizza night. Family and friends come together to create a variety of pizzas while sharing wine and good conversation. Everybody takes turns in decorating the pies with a seemingly endless supply of ingredients. I personally am obsessed by spicy food so my pizzas are often smothered with the hottest pepperoni, sausages, and salami. I also have no restraint when it comes to crushed red peppers as my slices are overflowing with the spicy speckles.

My cousin’s recent graduation from college was just one example of a time when family was brought together for a milestone and the best moments were centered on food. However, this time, there was another element to the family dynamic: tattoos. After the graduation, we had an enormous pizza-making station lined up at the rental house. It started with kneading the dough, spreading out the sauce, and finally choosing between varieties of toppings. The atmosphere was reminiscent of all of the other pizza nights, inherently centered on the decadent food, but also the irreplaceable tattoo

Following dinner, the idea of commemorating the weekend with tattoos was brought up and a few members of the family, including me, decided to partake. Walking to the tattoo parlor, we were brain storming what we should get inked on our bodies: An ocean wave to symbolize staying at a beach house with the whole family, or a cap to honor my cousin’s graduation? No one could reach a consensus until all of a sudden it came it me: pizza. Pizza had been such a simple, yet important fixture in my life, and I felt like it not only captured the weekend but also the idea of family tradition.

I ended up getting a little pepperoni slice on my ankle. Tattoos are a way to remind us of life’s adventures and in my case, memories of food intertwined with family. Every time I look down at my ankle, the small slice of pepperoni pizza reminds me of the importance of family and of course, excellent food.  

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