More Than a Pizza Topping: 10 Smoky, Savory Ways to

Pepperoni is still number one among pizza toppings, but beyond that, it hardly gets any respect. Admittedly, it’s not the fanciest salami around, but it’s smoky, fatty, and delicious—what’s not to respect? Pepperoni is great for quickly adding a dash of meaty flavor to dishes like our fried-zucchini stacks, or a chickpea salad with grated Parmesan.

And there are plenty of pizza-inspired dishes, with similarly satisfying combinations of chewy dough and melted cheese, for which the addition of pepperoni is never a bad idea—we can name grilled cheese, nachos, and mac and cheese, for a start. In fact, out of all 10 recipes in this collection, only two can reasonably be called pizzas—and they’re made with English muffins and tortillas. Keep reading to see your humble supermarket salami in a whole new light. read more –

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