Pizza for Breakfast, Reinvented

Many of us enjoy exotic toppings on our pizza that go far beyond pineapples or anchovies. French Toast, Cap’n Crunch, and Nutella are just some of the crazy breakfast pizza topping options sweeping pizzerias.

The pizza world is oozing with creativity, especially in the age of viral trends. Social media has allowed pizzerias to have the room to play around with different, unique recipes while simultaneously promoting their business. They can upload their creation to social media accounts for the pizzeria, which can be reposted and shared by those who like it. One rising trend is the breakfast pizza, allowing consumers to enjoy pizza any time of the day.

A pizzeria in Wayne, New Jersey, called Brother Bruno’s is taking the breakfast pizza trend to new heights. It is a family-owned pizzeria and one of the owners explained that he was obsessed with French Toast. After a friend recommended he combine it with his other favorite food, pizza, he knew he had to give it a try.  

The result is ultimate breakfast pizza, complete with soft French Toast dripping with frosting and maple syrup and topped with cereals like Fruity Pebbles and Cap’n Crunch. They also have options like s’mores, cannoli, and cookies for customers who love to begin their day on a sugar rush.

Aside from the outrageous, sugary breakfast concoctions, there are the more reserved but nonetheless mouth-watering breakfast pizzas. Hash browns can be used as a base, replacing the dough. Eggs, both scrambled and over easy, are included as well, followed by a choice of cheeses. The remaining toppings are often meats like breakfast sausage, bacon, or of course, the perennial favorite: pepperoni. Once the pizza emerges from the oven, some people even like to smother their slice in hot sauce or maple syrup.

Pizza for Breakfast

The Internet is full of varying recipes for breakfast pizzas, but the best part about them is the recipes are so simple that anyone can really dive in and put their own personal flavor to it. The maker can decide to go with a decadent, sweet pizza or a savory one and has free reign to mix it up and add personal favorite toppings.

While cold, leftover pizza will always make a delicious breakfast, the alternative of tossing together a fresh breakfast creation will take your early morning pizza to the next level.