PEPPERONI: The Top Topping Deserves Top Treatment

Once again, pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in America. A recent Harris Poll® revealed that pepperoni continues to top the charts and pizzas all around the country.

As a pizzeria operator, you probably already know that.  However, just because it is no. 1 does not mean you should stop caring about it, promoting it, revamping it, and celebrating it.  Did Steph Curry stop shooting threes just because the Warriors team won an NBA championship? 

Pepperoni Pizza ToppingsYou probably do a lot to promote some of the other items on your menu, but you can bump up your pepperoni sales and take advantage of customers’ love for the spicy topping by doing a few more things:

  1. Variety is the Spice of Pizza: Liguria makes 26 different kinds of pepperoni and more are on the way.  You should consider buying a couple of different sizes and flavors in order expand the menu options for your meat loving customers.
  2. All-natural is a hot trend and Liguria’s version is quickly becoming a favorite as part of the shift toward healthier, sustainable cuisine.
  3. Flavors Aplenty: Not only does Liguria offer its traditional pepperoni, it has created a number of other flavors that feature spiciness, smokiness, coarse grind, or all-beef.
    View our flavor varieties.
  4. Promote: How about creating a t-shirt or baseball cap with “Pepperoni” on the front and “No. 1” on the back… don’t forget to add your restaurant website.
  5. Cheese blend – Pepperoni Blend: Lure in customers by creating a Limited Time Offer that promotes a specialty pizza. Try a multi-flavored pepperoni pie like this delectable recipe:

We call it the Pepperoni Lovers Pizza and it features three styles including the flagship Liguria 1974, the smoky Liguria Brave Gusto, and the Liguria Rosso Spicy.

Here’s the recipe:

1 Pizza dough ball
12 oz. Tomato based pizza sauce
16 oz. Mozzarella cheese
2 oz. Liguria 1974
2 oz. Bravo Gusto Pepperoni
2 oz. Liguria Rosso Spicy

Prep: By weight, mix together equal amounts of Liguria 1974, Liguria Bravo Gusto, and Liguria Rosso Pepperoni.

To assemble: stretch dough to 16-inch round, add pizza sauce, then the Mozzarella. Top with the pepperoni; the coverage should be total, top to bottom, and side to side.

Bake, slice, and garnish with fresh Basil leaves.

For more information or to request a sample, contact Liguria Foods at