Make Halloween Pizza Sales a Frightful Good Time

Trailing only the Super Bowl, Halloween consistently drives the highest number of pizza sales in a single day. That’s quite a treat for pizzerias! But the trick is how to maximize the day?

Pizza and Halloween have become the perfect match, as families want a quick, hearty dinner before heading out for trick or treating. Also, friends and neighbors getting together during the festivities can enjoy pizza while handing out candy. Pizza is an easy way to feed a crowd – everyone loves pizza. After the trick or treating is over, leftovers make an excellent snack.

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As a pizza operator, you have many reasons to love Halloween. Here are a few ideas to boost your Halloween pizza sales even more:

Trick or treat at your location – Invite families to start their evening at your store.  To help them get into the Halloween spirit, place scarecrows and pumpkins outside the front door weeks before the event. On Halloween night, invite your employees to dress up in Halloween costumes. Ask customers to vote for their favorite and offer prizes. Hand out candy to everyone who dines in, picks up a pizza to go, or just drops by.

Halloween-themed pizzasHalloween offers wonderful subjects for unique and fun pizza top designs. Create a gallery of ghosts with mozzarella cheese. Build a haunted house with layers of pepperoni. Cover a pizza with scary spiders, made from pepperoni and green pepper legs. Design a smiling pumpkin face with pepperoni and olives. The options are endless!

Pizza plus candy – How about delivering each pizza with a bag of candy? Consider co-branding with a sweets store located nearby – your pizza and their creations.

Emphasize home delivery – This is especially appealing to families who need to get out the door as soon as night falls. Let them know your drivers are ready to help them start their evening on time.

Run a pizza special – Halloween is a great time to offer a discount on the second and third pizza ordered. Offer specials for personal-sized pizzas, which are ideal for pick
y kids and adults alike.

Promote on social media – Start letting everyone know about your Halloweenspecials well before the event. Use Facebook to show off your Halloween-themed pizza designs.

When the big day comes, be sure to have enough drivers on hand to make all those piping hot deliveries! And don’t forget to have a safety briefing with your drivers before the big night. With excited children running around collecting candy, the dark streets can pose extra risks for drivers.