Liguria Foods Hires Great Lakes Regional Manager

Contact:  Leonard Sbrocco
Phone:  707-364-7292

Humboldt, IA – May 10, 2016 – Liguria Foods, the country’s premier pepperoni and dried sausage manufacturer, is pleased to announce the addition of Kevin Doherty to the staff. Kevin will cover the six state Great Lakes region as the Regional Manager.

Kevin grew up in the Italian meat business alongside his father Jim Doherty, long-time Fontanini Foods Regional Manager. “I helped my dad at dozens of food shows over the years and always wanted to join the food business when my football career ended.”

A star quarterback in high school, Kevin went on to letter at Aurora University where he earned a BA in Education. Not finished with his educational career, Kevin attended the University of Illinois at Springfield where he tacked on a Masters of Public Administration. During his college years, Kevin coached football to earn extra money and with his Master’s Degree complete, planned to work in the food business. “It didn’t exactly go that way, University of Dubuque offered me an assistant coaching job and before I knew it, the opportunities and offers to coach continued including a head coaching job at Lakeland College.”

With Kevin’s football career finally behind him, he pursued his boyhood dream to sell Italian meats. “Football was great, but at some point you have to dedicate your life to something that can last, no matter what, people are going to eat pizza.”

“The response from customers has been very positive,” said Joe Henry, Liguria’s Senior Vice-President of Sales & Marketing.  “Selling premium products requires education. Kevin is passionate about our business and loves to get in front of customers and teach them how to make more money by investing a little more in quality and earning the opportunity to sell for higher prices as a result.”

Kevin, the coach, knows how to lay out a plan, teach good skills and train customers, distributors and brokers how to be more consistently successful. Henry continued, “Liguria is lucky to have Kevin, he’s a total team player and knows how to win.”

“My favorite part of coaching football is working with the offensive line” said Doherty, “it’s all about creating leverage and that’s what I teach my customers.” Liguria Foods is thrilled to have Kevin and hope both old and new customers enjoy his positive attitude.

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Liguria Foods, Inc. provides premium quality dry sausage toppings, including what many consider to be the market’s best-tasting pepperoni. Since its founding in 1974, Liguria Foods has been dedicated to the foundation of recipe formulation. The classic recipe combines distinctive spices, enticing color, and a consistent blend of meats, providing customers with the same performance and flavor every day. The dedicated production process merges the best modern technology with traditional touches like a redwood drying room, resulting in consistently delicious products. For 40 years, Liguria Foods has provided pizza lovers with enjoyable, memorable dining experiences, sharing a passion for the best-tasting pepperoni and Italian meat products.

At Liguria, we produce high quality pepperoni that makes every pizza taste better.

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