How Our Pepperoni is Made – Authentic and Classic!

It might surprise you to learn that making pepperoni has more to do with making wine than with making sausage.

Making sausage is easy; anyone can do it in a home kitchen.  Combine meat and spices and grind, throw in an oven and your sausage is ready.

Making dry sausage, such as pepperoni, is more of an art and requires the proper recipe, equipment and the time to do it right. There are hundreds of sausage plants but very few that make dry, cured sausage.

The actual, step-by-step process involves selecting the right raw materials, and then through an involved process of mixing, fermentation and drying, rendering the meat safe to eat without cooking.

To make dry sausage safe to eat, you have to cure it through fermentation, stuff it in a casing, and then hang it to dry.  During a _22A9969_Dropouttwo weeks cure process; the sausage maker must regulate the air temperature, air speed flow and the humidity in order to get the taste, the look and the texture right.

This is both a science and an art form. It requires moving moisture from the center of the sausage at the proper rate that water and fat are not trapped while maintaining the flavor in a concentrated form. Making pepperoni is a time-honored process.  Liguria Foods blends modern technology with artisan care to create the most authentic pepperoni on the market.

Based in the American heartland of Iowa, we named our company Liguria, the Italian birthplace of dry sausage.  In that way, we pay homage to the history and art of pepperoni.

We pride ourselves on our recipe formula. Unlike many in the marketplace, once we have a recipe for a specific product, we don’t change the raw material.  No matter how the price of beef and pork fluctuate, we stick with the original recipe in order to provide the highest quality and consistency. This creates real benefits:

Leaner – Our fat content is 1% to 2% lower than our competition.  The advantage is that the consumer gets a leaner, less greasy pepperoni.

High Flavor – We pack with flavor based on our trademark recipe. When people taste our products, they get exactly what they expect from a classic pepperoni, every day.

Appearance – We make a variety of pepperoni products from brick red or one with an orange caste.  We have different products that perform differently for all types of ovens and pizzerias from old school big paddles to conveyor bels with a timing mechanism.

Speed and Handling – if pieces stick together and your staff has to peel apart, it slows down the process.  Speed is paramount in the pizza business.  If the pepperoni does not stick together, but is more like dealing poker chips, that is an advantage. We slice pepperoni to fit your needs and offer regular, cup and curled, super smoky or even larger diameter for sandwiches.

Yet, no matter what application, we know that pepperoni is ultimately the purest form of comfort food and people want it to taste like the pepperoni they had as a kid.  We want them to say, “That’s the way pepperoni should taste!”   Authentic and classic.