Breakfast is something that dieticians are always telling us not to skip.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or bland or repetitive.

Enter pizza.

That’s right, our favorite lunch, dinner, sports, family, feast and festival food.  We eat at all other times so why not with our morning cup of Joe.

Your restaurant should consider it too. You probably have many new and trendy ideas on your menu as it is including gluten-free and vegan pizzas and those with exotic spices, vegetables and meats.  Many of you already feature a pizza with a fried egg on top and bacon has become a standard topping. The foodservice industry has glommed on to breakfast like mozzarella on steaming hot pizza pie. BREAKFAST-PIZZA

  • Taco Bell introduced a breakfast menu trading on ubiquitous locations and a massive promo of the Waffle Taco. The Bell blitzed social media and took direct aim at rival McDonald’s, including an ad campaign making fun of Ronald the clown.
  • McDonald’s countered with an offer of free morning cup of McCafe and started promoting its McGriddle pancake wrapped breakfast sandwich.
  • Not to be forgotten, runner up, Burger King took a different approach, and announced it would serve burgers as well as breakfast fare each morning.
  • Dunkin Donuts promoted a new Eggs Benedict sandwich, with Black Forest ham and “spreadable Hollandaise.”
  • Starbucks introduced four new breakfast sandwiches created by its La Boulange bakery division, including a savory spinach and sun-dried tomato on ciabatta and a lower-calorie takeoff on the classic Egg McMuffin.

Next stop for breakfast will be your place. Not every pizzeria has the ability to serve a morning meal but since our customers have shown their love for it, it should be a consideration.

To do so, survey your customers to see how they would feel about you opening for morning hours. If you do it, create a promotion to drive business then be sure to get out the word through your social media platforms as well as in-store signage. Perhaps create a button your servers could wear like, “Got Breakfast?” which would open the discussion.

The menu options, while not limitless, are intriguing. Breakfast calzones.  Eggs and Bacon Pizza. Sweet Pineapple and Bacon pizza. Pizza bites and rolls. You could even serve a traditional eggs and bacon, sausage or pepperoni breakfast with slices of cheese pizza on the side.

Breakfast allows you to break down some barriers and use your imagination. Your customers will appreciate the effort and so might your pocketbook.

As you search for ways to increase sales and beat your competition, now is the time to explore Breakfast, the next great frontier.