Extra pepperoni, but please hold the razor blades this time

PORTLAND, Ore. – It was even worse than anchovies.

A Portland woman said she found a sharp metal blade in a pizza that was delivered to her home last Monday.

Connie Olson said employees at the Round Table Pizza on Barbur Blvd. didn’t believe her when she called to tell them what happened.

“Nobody should order a pizza and end up with a razor blade in it, and be hung up on by the store,” she said. “(When I told them, they said) ‘it didn’t come from our store. Do you just want a free pizza?’

“It boggles my mind.”

The chain has since changed its tune. 

A district manager told KATU News the blade broke off a tomato slicer, and that other models of that machine have had similar problems on occasion. Stores have told employees to check the equipment after they use or wash it to make sure there are no missing parts.



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