Customers Taste the Difference with the New Bravo Gusto

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It’s the “Unanimous” Pepperoni of Choice at Hideaway Pizza in Oklahoma  

Humboldt, IA – November 3, 2014 – Liguria Foods announces the newest restaurant customer choosing its premium Liguria Bravo Gusto pepperoni: the 15-store chain Hideaway Pizza in Oklahoma.

As sales of Liguria Bravo Gusto ramp up throughout the U.S., Liguria Foods is especially proud to work with Hideaway as it reflects the type of high-end pizzeria that truly cares about serving only quality toppings on its pizzas. 

“We do taste tests to determine which products are best for our customers,” said Janie Harris, Queen of Fun, Guest Relations and Marketing at Hideaway.  “We cooked up different pepperoni with sauces and cheese, and Liguria Bravo Gusto was chosen as the best. It won hands down … a unanimous vote by our staff which is very rare.

“The flavor you get from Bravo Gusto is simply mouth-watering … it’s not too hot or spicy,” she said. “Plus, it looks beautiful and cooks up beautifully.  It is very tasty when it crisps up around the edges like no other pepperoni on the market.”

Harris concluded: “Most importantly, our customers love it.  Parents tell me that their kids eat our pepperoni but not others.  Quite simply, our pepperoni rocks!”

Joe Henry, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Liguria, said that response is typical of what he’s been hearing from pizza operators throughout the country. ”They are really responding to Liguria Bravo Gusto’s distinctive smoky, spicy flavor profile.  You can truly taste the difference, especially in comparison to the other less-authentic toppings on the market.”  

As with all Liguria products, Bravo Gusto is made from the freshest ingredients sourced from long-time area farms.  Liguria developed the new brand early this year as its top-of-the-line offering.  Liguria Bravo Gusto’s distinctive flavor profile accentuates the smoky, spicy flavors associated with pepperoni. In fact, Liguria Bravo Gusto undergoes a natural smoking process that serves to initially stimulate the taste buds, ensuring pizza lovers that this is an authentic pepperoni. Its slightly course texture and full mouth feel, leaves a very satisfying finish – leaving a desire for more.

Hideaway Pizza is an institution in Oklahoma, where it began in 1957 in the college town of Stillwater, the home of Oklahoma State University.  With 15 locations throughout the state, Hideaway produces a diverse menu of pizzas, all at the highest quality.  So consistency is very important throughout the chain – just another reason to choose Liguria and Bravo Gusto.

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Liguria Foods, Inc. provides premium quality dry sausage toppings, including what many consider to be the market’s best-tasting pepperoni. Since its founding in 1974, Liguria Foods has been dedicated to the foundation of recipe formulation. The classic recipe combines distinctive spices, enticing color, and a consistent blend of meats, providing customers with the same performance and flavor every day. The dedicated production process merges the best modern technology with traditional touches like a redwood drying room, resulting in consistently delicious products. For 40 years, Liguria Foods has provided pizza lovers with enjoyable, memorable dining experiences, sharing a passion for the best-tasting pepperoni and Italian meat products.

At Liguria, we produce high quality pepperoni that makes every pizza taste better.

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