CME: US Meat Production Expected to Hit Record

As reported by USDA, total red meat includes four red meats – beef, pork, lamb, and veal – which are measured on a carcass basis. The poultry items are: broiler (young chicken), other chicken (mature birds), and turkey, which are on a Ready-to-Cook (RTC) basis.

Of course, that is a wide array and set of quite different proteins, which have much different markets and demand profiles.

The long term trend is for US production of red meat meats and poultry to increase and 2015’s level will be record large. Another production record is likely in 2016.

Putting those numbers in terms of US per capita disappearance provides useful context. Total US red meat and poultry production in calendar year 2015 is projected to be record large at about 94.5 billion pounds (commercial production plus farm on a carcass weight basis), up 3.0 per cent from 2014’s and surpassing the 2008 record high (93.6 billion pounds).