Top Ten Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned in the Pizza

Excellent article from Pizza Today Magazine – Michael Sheppard speaks

  1. The pizza business is the “people business.” You need people to make your pizza, and you need people to buy your pizza. You need both a passion for people and pizza. The sooner you understand this the sooner things will make sense.
  2. Being profitable is a deliberate action. It doesn’t come by luck or automatically by high sales. Restaurant profit is in the boring details and tedious tasks of managing ideal food cost variance, labor budgets, prime vendor agreement, portion control, and so on.
  3. Systems and delegation allow for growth. Creating easy-to-follow systems and procedures gave my employees the tools they needed to do the job right. They knew what to do and how to do it, freeing managers up to manage and allowing me to focus on growing the business.

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Gen Z spends most their cash on restaurants

Generation Z— that millennial cohort born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s — is the subject of a lot of restaurateurs’ attention these days. After all, this teen-aged to young adult group makes up a large segment of that always-coveted 18-to-35 demographic. Now a network known as Unidays has released a study that casts light on “What Restaurant Need to Know About Gen Z.”

The study — based on qualitative research generated by a survey of more than 1,800 U.S. Generation Z students last August — highlights common misconceptions and often surprising trends when it comes to understanding and engaging this sometimes tough-to-reach consumer subset.

Here are four of the major findings from the survey results  that pizza restaurateurs can both learn about and put to immediate use:  read more –

Pizza Rules Fast Casual

According to a recent article on Eater, pizza now reigns supreme as the leading fast casual restaurant model, representing 37% of all fast casual restaurants. This number is ahead of seafood fast casual at 25% and “healthy” at 21%. Here are a few takeaways we picked up about fast casual pizzerias from the Eater article:

1. Fast casuals offer quick, affordable, personal-size in-store pizzas.

2. They offer “wild, organic, creative, natural, high-quality” ingredients.

3. They get guests in and out quickly during a lunch rush.

4. Guests have a variety of options when it comes to crusts, sauces, and cheeses (including vegan).

5. They cater to regional preferences.

6. Through careful pre-measurement of ingredients, operators know approximately how much each pizza will cost them.

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5 Clever Halloween Recipes

Halloween is a great opportunity to share your creative side with artistic pizzas and appetizers. Share your creations on social media and invite guests in to try a sample. read more – 

Pumpkin pepperoni pizza pockets

The Future of Food Revealed

How Americans will Eat and Drink Sparks Lively Discussion

New York, NY  (  What’s next in food according to top players in the ever-evolving business of food, drink and the media was the highlight of The Next Big Bite: How We Will Eat & Drink, a panel presented Monday by Les Dames d’Escoffier New York (LDNY –

The evening’s program provided a forum for consumers and hospitality industry professionals to engage in a provocative discussion about food’s future in the world, at home, on TV, and in social media. Also explored and debated: how we will eat at restaurants, how business will change, and how the food community will embrace sustainability.

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