Email Marketing – Great Way to Increase Sales

In our digitally-focused world, having a presence online is vital for any business to succeed. Establishing a seamless system where a pizzeria’s website is linked to its social media accounts is an indirect way to cement an online presence. A more direct way is to promote to your customers using email marketing.

There’s no more straightforward approach than to send messages to potential customers on their cell phones, laptops, desktops and tablets. It’s touching them individually, comparable to calling them directly. email is extremely cost-efficient and has become easier than ever. A paperless way of distributing flyers, email can let previous customers quickly know about upcoming promotions or specials. (more…)


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Liguria Newsletter – Mar 2017

Restaurants Turn to Google to Make More Dough

In an era where everything is digital and instantaneous, traditional marketing platforms are so yesterday: Television commercials get fast-forwarded, Yellow Page books are thrown out, and telemarketers are hung up on. Instead of advertising to such broad groups, pizzerias both small and large are using a more targeted approach to connect with customers through Google advertisements and searches.

Getting found on Google is probably the no. 1 priority for any business, especially for restaurants. Consider that a study revealed that 51 percent of all mobile searches on Google are for restaurants. When people are searching on Google, they are interested in the product or service RIGHT NOW. They’re in buying mode, so as a business you want to be found and clicked on.

Google offers businesses two ways to be discovered: First, in the natural or organic search results. And second, as an ad located at the top and bottom of the page or along the right side. The ads are charged on a pay-per-click model, so a business only pays when the ad is clicked on. This allows a business to control costs and only pay for real leads. (more…)

Report on the Pizza Industry: More Evolution than Revolution

PMQ Pizza Magazine releases a Pizza Power Report every December, highlighting a year’s worth of statistics, trends, and success stories within the pizza industry. Our previous article reviewed the 2017 report covering 2016; this article takes a look back to the 2015 report about 2014 to see what’s changed. Comparing the data from a couple of years ago with content from the current issue reveals a growth spurt and some interesting trends that are shaking the industry. (more…)

‘Tis the Season to Be Thankful

The end-of-year holidays are just around the corner; a time to pause and give thanks.

As foodservice professionals, we will take this time to scrutinize the year’s successes and failures and look forward to a new year in which we can figure out ways to satisfy more customers and spend less money doing it. (more…)