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Visit Liguria Foods in Las Vegas at the Pizza Expo – Booth #1115 – see you there!

Pi Day Deals

The mathematical concept, pi – 3.14159265358979, has a celebration date 3.14 – March 14

Whole Foods Market is offering a special deal on its pies – both the sweet and savory kind – come Tuesday, better known as Pi Day.

The grocery store giant will take $3.14 off of its large bakery pies and take-and-bake pizzas throughout the day, according to a news release.

Whole Foods says the selection, which will only be available while supplies last, varies from store to store.

Pretty sweet, huh? Though, Whole Foods isn’t the only local store or restaurant ringing in the day with special offers.

Skip the Diamond Ring and Propose with Pizza Instead

When it comes to marriage proposals, we’ve seen a lot of creative things. Going knee-down in the middle of a deserted Times Square while violins play in the background. Staging a “fake” proposal as a distraction before actually popping the question. Serenading your sweetie while riding the baggage carousel at the airport.

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Pizza Expo Keynote

An Independent’s Independent

Those are goals every pizzeria owner shares, and Gabriel Stulman has nurtured five different concepts in Manhattan’s West Village with this philosophy. How does he do it in the ultra-competitive New York market?Our Tuesday, March 28, keynote speaker at Pizza Expo doesn’t own a pizzeria, but if he had one he’d run it the same way he runs his five restaurants in New York City — as a neighborhood hangout that celebrates each individual customer and employee.

He’ll talk about his passion for restaurants and for developing an atmosphere that connects with people at 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday. Catch the spirit and examine your own priorities as Pizza Expo springs to life inside the Exhibit Hall and in the seminar rooms.

Tuesday, March 28, 8:15 AM – 9:15 AM


Uber CEO Says Robots Will Deliver Pizza in Self-Driving Cars

Uber’s CEO says human-like robots will deliver pizza in self-driving cars in the not-so-distant future, and Uber itself hopes to lead the way.

At the World Government Summit in Dubai, Travis Kalanick said Uber, the ride-sharing start-up, is moving into robotics and is partnering with auto makers to create self-driving cars and bring them to market, CNBC reports.

These robots will be able to deliver to your door, even if you live in an upstairs apartment, Kalanick predicts. “Imagine now a car that is delivering food but doesn’t have a driver,” Kalanick is reported as saying. “How do you get the food? You could come down and get it, but if you have three kids … you want somebody to bring it up. And at some point there is going to be a humanoid that crawls up your stairs … and hands you your pizza.” read more: