Students Gave Up Friend’s Email for Free Pizza

Is your best friend’s privacy more important than pizza? Don’t be afraid to say no — you’re not alone.

While 60 percent of Americans say they would never feel comfortable sharing their email contacts, throw in a cheesy, greasy pie and that notion disappears. A recent study of 3,108 MIT students found that a whopping 98 percent of college students gave up their best friend’s email address when they were promised a free slice of pizza.

But you don’t necessarily need pizza in order to get students to cough up their friends’ information — in fact, many needed no incentive at all. The study sampled two groups of students — an incentivized group and a non-incentivized group. While 98 percent of the incentivized group gave up their friends’ contact info for pizza, 94 percent of students from the non-incentivized group also willingly gave up their friends’ email addresses despite not being offered free pizza. read more –

Pizza Hut Surpasses 100 Million Pounds of Food Donated

Pizza Hut and community-based hunger relief organizations are celebrating a major milestone today: surpassing 100 million pounds of food donated by Pizza Hut to feed those in need. Since 1992, Pizza Hut restaurants have donated food to hunger relief organizations nationwide through its Harvest Program, a program originated by the company 25 years ago in partnership with Food Donation Connection (FDC). read more –

Iceland’s President – Ban Pineapple As Topping

Pepperoni lovers agree – the spicy pork/beef combo, beats pineapple every time – 

Pineapple-topped pizzas leave the president of Iceland cold.

In fact, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson says if he could, he’d pass a law banning pineapple from being used as pizza topping in his country.

Jóhannesson made the saucy comments to a group of high school students in the town of Akureyri, according to Iceland magazine,

One of the students asked Jóhannesson his opinion on this cheesy topic and he didn’t mince words, according to Visier, an Icelandic language news website. read more –

A $38 Pizza

New York is well known for its obsession with cheap pizza: the $1 slice, the sporadic price wars, the hand-wringing over each new increase in the average cost.

Then there is the other, pricier side of the city’s pizza addiction: the $7 slice (with a specialty topping) at the revered Di Fara Pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn. Or the advance tickets required for a $25 lunch at Margot’s Pizza, a pop-up that opens roughly one Saturday a month in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. read more –

What’s Wrong with this Pizza?

Everyone knows pizza must have pepperoni, duh …