Why is deep dish suddenly the favorite pick of the

Let’s find out why the en vogue pizza is making waves in the Pacific Northwest care of Willamette Week. – http://www.wweek.com/restaurants/2017/07/25/why-is-deep-dish-pizza-suddenly-so-popular/

We think it’s the pepperoni 


Crazy Food Fact

In 2011, an elderly Memphis woman who had ordered a pepperoni pizza every day for years was rescued by a delivery person when she failed to place an order for three days straight.


Tip Pooling Legal Again for Restaurants

The U.S. Department of Labor has proposed to rescind restrictions on tip pooling by restaurants that pay the full minimum wage to tipped employees.

The Obama administration put restrictions on this practice in 2011. It maintained that tips belong to employees, not restaurant owners, and could not be distributed to other workers or kept by the employer, even if the employer doesn’t take a tip credit and directly pays tipped employees the full minimum wage.

Under the tip-credit provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers can pay tipped employees a reduced hourly wage of $2.13 per hour as long as those employees receive enough tips to bring their hourly rate to at least $7.25, which is the federal minimum wage. The employer must make up for the difference if the employee doesn’t receive enough in tips to reach the minimum wage. read more – http://www.pmq.com/July-2017/Trump-Administration-Wants-to-Make-Tip-Pooling-Legal-Again-for-Restaurants/


Another Vote for Pepperoni

A pizza piled with pineapple isn’t pizza at all, says celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. It’s a “mistake” and “an Italian tragedy.” But Ramsay, who has expressed his disdain for the fruity topping in the past, sucked it up and tried a bite for charity recently. Not surprisingly, he still wasn’t impressed.

Ramsay tasted a pineapple-topped pizza on Facebook Live to raise money for the Gordon and Tana Ramsay Foundation, his favorite nonprofit cause. Ramsay agreed to the challenge if an Omaze charity raffle garnered at least 500 donations. 

“This is an Italian tragedy,” Ramsay went on, in his trademark no-holds-barred style. “At least Romeo and Juliet had a happy ending. read more – http://bit.ly/2gNXHlh

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