World’s Longest Pizza

Live music, lots of food and entertainment will ensure everyone will have a fun day.

Here are some fun facts about the pizza and the event:

The dough weighs about 8000lbs
The sauce will weigh about 5600lbs
The cheese will weigh about 3600lbs
Total weight of the pizza= 17200lbs at around 7000’
The scaffolding will be provided by AtPac Scaffolding Solutions and erected by Scaffold Works and Capstone Scaffolding. We believe this is the longest scaffolding that has ever been built anywhere in the world.
The oven will be moving at around 17’/min. The assemblers will need to work fast or the oven will catch up with them. The oven is cooking at around 700°F; once it starts its journey it cannot pause or stop.
The assemblers will be rotated every 60 min so they can get bathroom breaks, etc. If all goes well, we should be done in under 8 hrs. We will add some toppings to the last 1000’ of the pizza for variety.

You want to be part of this historic event. Why don’t you join our team as a volunteer?

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Plan for Pizza Expo Success

So, you decided to attend the 2017 Pizza Expo in Las Vegas – great decision, now how do you get the most from your time at the show?

To have the most productive show, it’s best to be prepared – know what you want to research, understand your budget, gather a list of questions, and be ready to find something unexpected. Review consumer trends, what’s hot? Look at Pizza Today Magazine for trends in flavor, ingredients, equipment and technology.

To help you plan your visit to the Pizza Expo, here are suggestions: (more…)

Coming to Pizza Expo?

Visit Liguria Foods in Las Vegas at the Pizza Expo – Booth #1115 – see you there!