The 2018 Pizza Power Report is Out

PMQ’s annual Pizza Power Report sheds light on the stats of the pizza industry.



Lessons From the Pizza Masters

One of the big bonuses at Expo is the chance to see market-tested menu items prepared by the talented pizza makers who developed them. Watch these chefs put a pizza or appetizer together, hear them talk about the techniques that make their creations stand out and taste the results — all for free in the Demonstration Area on the Exhibit Hall floor.

This year’s lineup of demos is filled with new choices for you to consider. read more –

Healthy fast food on the rise

On a daily basis we’re all faced with dozens of food choices that pose the question, “Is this the healthiest choice?” 

According to a recent survey by Deloitte, 83% of respondents said that the typical fast food menu didn’t offer enough healthy choices.

Luckily, pizza is not considered “fast food.”

However, while, for the most part, pizza contains healthy ingredients, most people place it on the “banned” list if they are looking to curb calories and eat healthier.

This is especially important to think about when nutritional menu labeling is set to go into effect in 2018 and the numbers will be front and center at many pizzerias. read more –

Pizza Around the World

Liguria posted this interesting story on our Facebook page –

Americans are obsessed with pizza. As our unofficial national food, there’s nothing quite like a heavenly pie topped with generous heapings of cheese and sauce. But baked dough with toppings is not an exclusively American or even an Italian culinary tradition.

INSIDER has curated a list of pizza-like dishes from around the world, from more familiar iterations like the thin-crusted Tarte Flambée in France to Sfiha, a Middle Eastern open-faced pie topped with ground mutton.


Top Ten Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned in the Pizza

Excellent article from Pizza Today Magazine – Michael Sheppard speaks

  1. The pizza business is the “people business.” You need people to make your pizza, and you need people to buy your pizza. You need both a passion for people and pizza. The sooner you understand this the sooner things will make sense.
  2. Being profitable is a deliberate action. It doesn’t come by luck or automatically by high sales. Restaurant profit is in the boring details and tedious tasks of managing ideal food cost variance, labor budgets, prime vendor agreement, portion control, and so on.
  3. Systems and delegation allow for growth. Creating easy-to-follow systems and procedures gave my employees the tools they needed to do the job right. They knew what to do and how to do it, freeing managers up to manage and allowing me to focus on growing the business.

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