Serving Wine with Pizza Offers New Opportunities

Beer and pizza are the natural pairing served in pizzerias throughout the world. With the growing popularity of craft beers, there are even more reasons to enjoy a cold brew with any variety of pizza. But beer isn’t the only pizza-friendly drink option. For those who aren’t leveraging creative vino options as a revenue stream, it might be time to consider expanding your wine program.

With the U.S. now the no. 1 wine consuming nation in the world, restaurants can reach out to new customers, especially women, who represent nearly 60 percent of the total wine consumption. Pizzerias don’t need an extensive wine list, rather a well-chosen selection of whites, reds and pinks to serve with popular pizza types. (more…)

Kiosks – Adding Convenience and Speed to Service

Technology is growing exponentially, morphing the restaurant industry and more specifically, changing the way in which customers order their food.

The rise of fast-casual dining and popularity of online ordering has placed greater emphasis on the initial customer interaction – the process of viewing the menu offerings and selecting a meal. For years, restaurants placed more emphasis in the kitchen and less on the other side of the counter. Today’s diners want control, quality, speed – the whole enchilada. As a result, restaurants are looking at new ways to provide this efficient, balanced experience. (more…)

Where’s the pork?

Iceland’s President – Ban Pineapple As Pizza Topping

Pineapple-topped pizzas leave the president of Iceland cold.

In fact, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson says if he could, he’d pass a law banning pineapple from being used as pizza topping in his country.

Jóhannesson made the saucy comments to a group of high school students in the town of Akureyri, according to Iceland magazine,

One of the students asked Jóhannesson his opinion on this cheesy topic and he didn’t mince words, according to Visier, an Icelandic language news website.

7 Things That’ll Sell Like Crazy Because of the Super

Hint – pizza is on the list

Feb 02, 2016
It costs a whopping $5 million for a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl this year. Surprisingly, however, consumer survey and sales data indicate that spending big bucks to advertise during the game has limited or no effectiveness in terms of actually nudging viewers into buying the things being advertised.

Yet the Super Bowl overall is extremely effective in getting American consumers to binge on all sorts of other purchases. According to the National Retail Federation, roughly 189 million people will watch the Super Bowl featuring the Denver Broncos against the Carolina Panthers on Feb. 7, and viewers will spend an average of $82.19 on electronics, apparel, and food for the game this year, up from $77.88 in 2015.

Here are the categories of purchases that regularly get an extra big sales bump thanks to the big game. read more –

Recipe Video: The Sweet and Salty Meat

Here’s a pizza treat that can’t be beat: the Sweet and Salty Meat, pairing pepperoni with sweet Italian sausage plus red and orange peppers. It’s part of our new series of one-minute pizza recipe videos from PMQ’s Pizza Kitchen!

Check out the one-minute video at