Another Vote for Pepperoni

A pizza piled with pineapple isn’t pizza at all, says celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. It’s a “mistake” and “an Italian tragedy.” But Ramsay, who has expressed his disdain for the fruity topping in the past, sucked it up and tried a bite for charity recently. Not surprisingly, he still wasn’t impressed.

Ramsay tasted a pineapple-topped pizza on Facebook Live to raise money for the Gordon and Tana Ramsay Foundation, his favorite nonprofit cause. Ramsay agreed to the challenge if an Omaze charity raffle garnered at least 500 donations. 

“This is an Italian tragedy,” Ramsay went on, in his trademark no-holds-barred style. “At least Romeo and Juliet had a happy ending. read more –


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Great Pizza Quiz

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Grilled Pizza is Hot!

It’s a hot debate whether grilled pizza began in Memphis or Rhode Island. Some say, owners Johanne Killeen and George Germon served the first at Al Forno restaurant in Providence, RI. Others swear it was Coletta’s in Memphis.

Whether Northern roots or Southern, what is true is that the flavor and smokiness from grilling pizza on real charcoal cannot be beat. If you then add pepperoni on the pizza, you will double the smoky flavor of both the pizza and the pepperoni. Fire roasted bacon will also add tremendous flavor and a bacon-goodness smell to your restaurant. (more…)

Students Gave Up Friend’s Email for Free Pizza

Is your best friend’s privacy more important than pizza? Don’t be afraid to say no — you’re not alone.

While 60 percent of Americans say they would never feel comfortable sharing their email contacts, throw in a cheesy, greasy pie and that notion disappears. A recent study of 3,108 MIT students found that a whopping 98 percent of college students gave up their best friend’s email address when they were promised a free slice of pizza.

But you don’t necessarily need pizza in order to get students to cough up their friends’ information — in fact, many needed no incentive at all. The study sampled two groups of students — an incentivized group and a non-incentivized group. While 98 percent of the incentivized group gave up their friends’ contact info for pizza, 94 percent of students from the non-incentivized group also willingly gave up their friends’ email addresses despite not being offered free pizza. read more –